NPCs are an excellent outlet for DMs. They are goal motivated and can influence the game in the direction you want it to go. It is also fun to role play that black knight or cunning necromancer. Characters and personalities you normally could not play as a player. Here are an assortment of NPCs that will make brave companions and diabolical villains. Some are linked to one another and others are part of an adventure or campaign.

Note that in each NPC there are sections that apply to 2E and to 3E. Proficient is for 2E while Skills and Feats is for 3E. Other statistics like hitpoints or armor class are labeled with a 2E or 3E to show which it represents. Each NPC has there attack and damage base displayed.The bonuses after the base attacks and damage are not included in the totals.

We are currently updating for 3E so bear with us if some NPCs are not up to date yet.

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