Sunless Citadel Errata:

Sunless Citadel Corrections: Bruce Cordell, author of the adventure The Sunless Citadel, offers these two corrections:

Reflex Save DC for pit trap on p. 20: “this old pit trap should be DC 16.”
Missing word: “…the last word in the boxed description of encounter 42 is ‘wheelbarrow’, as in ‘rusted wheelbarrow’.”
Forge of Fury Errata:

Page 5, “Wait and Watch” section: Map isn’t marked despite text reading, “Player characters keeping watch from the spot marked “Start” on the Stone Tooth map …..”: Just use the point on the far bottom left side of the map where the dotted line starts. [WotC Customer Service]
Where’s Mr. Roper? You should place the Roper in the middle of the strip of land just south of the river in that area. [WotC Customer Service]
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Errata:

Kir-lanan ECL: The ECL table in Chapter 8: Running the Realms referred to an earlier version of the kir-lanan. The earlier kir-lanan was only a 1 HD monster, and we wound up making them substantially tougher. We’re setting the ECL of the kir-lanan at +6 — they’re a little better than ogre PCs (a sample ECL +5 critter) due to their negative energy powers, flight, and favorable ability score modifiers. [Rich Baker on the WotC FR Boards]
Serusan Language: Serusan uses the same alphabet as the Aquan language (i.e., Elven). There is no Aquan alphabet. (Sean Reynolds)
Magic of Faerun Errata:

Adamantine Enhancement Bonus Doesn’t Stack with Magic Enhancement Bonus: In Magic of Faerun on p. 142, the entry for The Fist reads, “+2 spiked gauntlet (+1 enhancement bonus from adamantine, +1 enhancement bonus from magic).” It’s an error. It looks like it was changed to +1/+1 in the managing editor stage, as my turnover and the editing turnover have it as +1/+2. The bonuses do not stack because they’re the same type of bonus (the effect is that the weapon is +2, but in an antimagic field it’s still +1 instead of no plusses at all). [Sean Reynolds]
Adamantine Bonus for Weapons Doing d8 or Higher Damage is +2: In Magic of Faerun on p. 178, the last line of the table for adamantine enhancement bonuses reads, “Weapon damage 1d8 or higher, +1.” This contradicts the DMG. The bonus should be +2 for weapons with damage 1d8 or higher. Please follow the adamantine description in the DMG. [WotC Customer Service]
Dimensional Lock: The spell list says dimensional lock is 5th level, while the spell description says 8th level. Dimensional lock is 8th level. [WotC Customer Service]