Keetha Lazon
 STR 19*  Neutral Good  Human Warrior

 Equipment: scalemail,
 broad sword, mace, one
 dagger, a family ring
 (25gp value)

 INT 10  Level: 4
 WIS 10  HP: 32 (36 3E)
 DEX 12

 Proficient: broad
 sword (spec), mace, shield, dagger, punch x2

 CON 15
 CHA 13
 COM 11
For Save +6

2E THAC0: 17 (+2 STR, +1 Spec)
3E Attack: +10 (+5 STR, +1 Weap Foc)

2E Damage: broad sword (2d4 +3 STR, +2 Spec)
3E Damage:
broad sword (2d4 +5 STR, +2 Spec) Crit 19-20 x2

2E AC: 6 (scalemail)
3E AC: 16 (scalemail, DEX +1, dodge +1)

Ref Save +2
Wil Save +1
Skills and Feats

Jump +4, Balance +2, Trade +2, Handle Animal +4, Ride +4, Swim
Alertness, Dodge, Cleave, Weapon Focus (broad), Weapon Spec (broad)

Note: * 18/55 for 2E

Keetha is a huge specimen whether male or female. A few brainless individuals in her home town said that “she was probably half cow by her size, strength, and looks.” She, of course, beat them to a pulp when she heard this.

Keetha has always been larger than most and has worked hard to maintain a powerful physique. She makes her living as a sell-sword or the occasional treasure hunter here and there.

She has no real home due to most people’s inability to accept a woman warrior of her size and strength. She is not very genteel and has no patience with those who look down on her. She has no regular lovers but tends to be attracted to smaller males that she can protect or mother in some sense.

Appearance: Female human, 6’3″ 208 lb.,black neck length hair and green eyes.