Edmund Vargas (Mask Campaign)
STR  – Lawful Evil Human Wizard Equipment: none
INT 18 Level: 10 wiz (spectral mage)
WIS 12 HP: 45
DEX 12

Proficient: none


CON  –
CHA 11
COM 10
For Save +3

2E THAC0: 17
3E Attack: +7 (+2 Undead ability)

2E Damage: 1d8 (chill touch)
3E Damage: 1d8 (chill touch, +2 Undead ability)

2E AC: 0 (undead quality, undead defenses and weaknesses)
3E AC: 20 (undead quality, undead defenses and weaknesses)

Ref Save +4
Wil Save +8
Skills and Feats

Alchemy +17, Balance +3, Bluff +2, Forgery +9.5, Gather information
+2, Hide +18, Knowledge (arcana) +17, Listen +1, Move silently +1,
Scry +16, Sense motive +2, Spellcraft +17, Spot +1
Alertness, Blind fight, Combat Replexes, Empower spell, Enlarge
spell, Heighten spell, Imrpoved init, Maximize spell, Point blank
shot, [Scribe scroll], Silent spell, Still spell.

Spells (4/5/5/4/4/2):
Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Detect
Poison, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Mending,
Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance.

1stBurning Hands, Chill Touch, Feather Fall, Identify,
Magic Missile, Mount, Shield, Sleep, Unseen Servant, Ventriloquism.

2ndBlindness/Deafness, Blur, Continual Flame, Daylight,
Invisibility, Knock, Levitate, Melf’s Acid Arrow, See Invisibility,
Whispering Wind.

3rdBlink, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Fly, Hold Person.
4thCharm Monster, Ice Path, Polymorph Other, Fire Shield,
Wall of Fire.

5thAnimate Dead, Cloudkill, Cone of Cold, Wall of Stone.

Spectral Mage Abilities

This undead creature is actually the soul of a wizard at least 7th level who has died with a great burden unfinished or who died during a single-minded quest of some sort. The spectral mage gains the following abilities

Hit Dice: 8 minimum (as in life +1 HD)
Attack:1 (chilling touch attack)
Damage per Attack: 1d8
Special Abilities: Spells, Invisibility
Special Qualities: Undead, incorporeal, DR 10 +1 (2E +1 or better weapon to hit)

Spells: A spectral mage retains the spell casting abilities it had in life but no longer requires memorization. The minimum level of spell casting for a spectral mage is 7th.

Invisibility: A spectral mage may become invisible so long as it takes no hostile action.


Edmund Vargas was an evil man during his life. He took the path of wizardry to gain the power he wanted. Those who crossed him died painfully. He became infamous for his ambition and utter ruthlessness. He eventually came into possession of 3 of the Masks of Destiny: necromancy, conjuration, and enchantment. He bonded himself with the mask of necromancy but sought to learn a way to control all 3 and find the hiding place of the other 5 masks.

He eventually fell prey to the power of the necromantic mask. He began to lose interest in the world of men and sought further knowledge of undeath. Edmund was a strong willed man however and realized what was happening to him, more so he became aware of the Arch-magi Xoth. He realized that Xoth had manipulated him into finding and bonding with the masks, and that Xoth desired him to find them all.

Edmund Vargas was filled with rage, he had been an evil man but his passions were strong if not stronger than most. He resolved to be rid of the influence of both the masks and Xoth. He charted a ship and set out for Land’s Edge, he knew of an undersea temple near the small town belonging to the infamous Sahuagin. Creatures he knew to be evil but that he could bargain with. He thought that an undersea burial to be a fitting place for one of the indestructible masks. He also needed to obtain a map of the Island of Eternal Vigilance, he knew a cartographer at Land’s Edge that would provide him one. He set out to sea after that.

After arriving at the undersea temple and bargaining with the high priestess she took possession of the Mask of Conjuration and taught Vargas a powerful dark ritual that would allow him to fulfill his now demanding compulsion to become one of the undead.

After his stop at the undersea temple Vargas instructed his captain on the location of the lost island he obtained a map for, an island filled with magical statues. These statues guarded a treasure that was stolen long ago.

On arriving at the island Vargas passed the statue golems with knowledge he had obtained previously and found the depths of a lost temple. He murdered the ships crew and sunk the boat so that they could never escape to tell anyone else of the location. He used his own life to set the mask of necromancy in the temples altar stone so as to attune the island’s golems to its guard.

After his sacrifice he rose as a spectral mage having used the compulsion set on him by the mask and the knowledge gained from the sahuagin priestess. Now he waits, guarding the mask’s location. His revenge on Xoth is his only remaining desire.