Davrus (Mask Campaign)
STR 13 Lawful Evil Goblin
leather, short sword, hand axe
INT 13 Level: 4 war
WIS 12 HP: 28
DEX 14

Proficient: short sword, hand axe, dagger

Language: goblin, dwarf, common, READ ONLY dwarf

CON 12
CHA 14
COM 16
For Save +5

2E THAC0: 17
3E Attack: +6 (+1 STR, +1 SIZE)

2E Damage: short sword (1d6)
3E Damage:
battle axe (1d6 +1 STR)

2E AC: 8 (leather)
3E AC: 15 (leather, +2 DEX, +1 SIZE)

Ref Save +3
Wil Save +2
Skills and Feats Sneak +2, Climb +5, Hide +6, Jump +5, Listen
+2, Move silently +6, Ride +9, Sense Motive +4, Spot +2; Quick draw,

Davrus is the war leader for a group of goblins from the Sundered Bone clan. He is an able leader for his tribe, he strongly believes the myths his tribe has concerning dwarves, humans, and hair. Davrus will try to reason with any non-dwarf in the party. He will avoid talking with those with facial hair since he believes they cannot be trusted. HE will DEFINITELY avoid any wizard with facial hair.

Davrus and his tribe respect powerful warriors and wielders of magic. His people have tormented the dwarven refugees (lead by Regner) for several weeks now, but they have only allowed them to live as long as they felt they were no threat. Once Davrus receives word that the PCs are going to help the dwarves recover and escape the mountains, he sends runners back to the tribe and decides that the dwarves must be exterminated before they have a chance to thrive and perhaps become a threat to him and his people.

When planning strategy for Davrus remember that he tries to gain much with as little risk as possible. He will sacrifice his people to make a plan work, using them as distractions in the hope of bringing down a dangerous enemy.