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3E Class Creation (ZIP 128 Kb)



What follows is my attempt to create a point-based systems that GM’s can use to build fantasy Classes within the framework of the Core Rulebooks. Of course, the existing Classes have more balance to them than previous editions of the game (in my humble opinion), but are somewhat difficult to accurately reconstruct with these rules, due to their inherent imbalances. However, about 7 of the core classes are close to the mark, 3 are somewhat off (about 90% under – probably the 3 weakest within the rules, hmm) and 1 is 13% over (in the long run, it is of the more empowered classes).

This engine was created with as little regard to actual GM play-style and setting dependences as possible. Strictured settings, such as high- and low-magic or godless worlds, as well as those with predominant types of terrain will affect the strengths of one or more of the Classes. GM style is a big influence on how Classes match-up. “Monty-Haul” and “Hack-n-Slash” gamemastering redirects the balance of many character types.

With that in mind, the following system should be used to help spingboard and balance any new core Classes that you want to create. Is isn’t wholly perfect, but neither am I, and nor is any one game. I would appreciate any positive feedback or suggestions – or even variations that you come up with.