Reavis (Mask Campaign)
 STR 17 Neutral Evil
Human Fighter
Chainmail, longbow, quiver with 20 arrows, and a longsword
 INT 13 Level: 2
 WIS 11 HP: 20 (3E 25)
 DEX 16 Proficient: Longbow, longsword, dagger

Specialized: long sword


 CON 15
 CHA 17
 COM 13
For Save +5

2E THAC0: 19
3E Attack: +6 (+3 STR, +1 Weapon focus)

2E Damage: mace (1d8 +1 STR, +2 Spec)
3E Damage:
mace (1d8 +3 STR, +1 Focus)

2E AC: 5 (chainmail, +2 DEX)
3E AC: 18 (chainmail, +3 DEX)

Ref Save +3
Wil Save +0
Skills and Feats

Climb +8 (+5 Rank, +3 STR), Handle Animal +7 (+4 Rank, +3 CHA),
Hide +3 (+3 DEX), Intimidate +8 (+5 Rank, +3 CHA), Jump +6 (+4 Rank,
+3 STR), Listen +0, Move silently +3 (+3 DEX), Ride +5 (+2 Rank,
+3 DEX)
Quick draw, Weapon focus (long sword), Alertness.

Reavis is a native of Landover. He makes his living as a hunter, trapper, and local guide. He wants to make enough gold to leave Landover. He lives in fear of the day when someone from his town discovers he murdered a local girl who spurned his advances.

When Shar came to Landover she approached Reavis. He readily agreed to guide her and later to help in exchange for wealth. Shar realizes that Reavis is a greedy fool and “allows” him to take the lead in combat. Reasoning that if he dies, she doesn’t need to pay him. he is part of “Shar’s Marauders”.