What is Maximize Turning? Maximize Turning is the feat now known as Empower Turning. There was once a different Empower Turning; that’s actually what got cut. (James Wyatt)

Can Exorcists Turn Evil Outsiders? The example on p. 77 [in which it is stated that the Exorcism domain’s granted power allows the turning of evil outsiders, which contradicts the description of the Exorcism domain’s powers on p. 79] is incorrect (it refers to a previous incarnation of the rules), and I’d be cautious about allowing exorcists to turn evil outsiders too easily. If you use it, I suggest using the mechanic from the Knight of the Chalice’s censure demons ability. (James Wyatt)

Warpriest Prestige class: …the 4th level [Prestige Domain] ability should grant access to the Divination prestige domain. [Read the rest of the thread at WotC’s Boards]

Sacred Fist prestige class — Ranged spells okay?: Sacred fists can use whatever spells they have freely, whatever their range entries. Sacred fists cannot use weapons; spells are not “weapons” for purposes of the sacred fist’s code of conduct. Passing references to a ban on ranged spells are unwanted artifacts from an earlier version of this class. [Sage Advice, Dragon #286]

Sacred Fist prestige class — Spells: The level 0 and level 5 spell lists are errors. [They only get spells levels 1-4 as shown on the class table.] [Sage Advice, Dragon #286]

Hospitaler prestige class — Spells: The first entry (Spells) is incorrect. Use the second entry (Spells per Day) instead. In addition, Table 3-7 should have a Spells per Day column, which should read “+1 level of existing class” at each level. [Sage Advice, Dragon #286]

Hospitaler prestige class — Turning Undead: Hospitalers gain the ability to turn undead at 3rd level, not 1st level. The character turns undead at her hospitaler level, -2. This stacks with undead turning from other classes. Add the hospitaler level -2 to the class level for any other class that has turning ability. For example, a 6th-level cleric/4th-level hospitaler turns undead as an 8th level character. Note that paladins also use their class level -2 to determine their undead turning level, so a 6th-level paladin/4th-level hospitaler turns undead as a 6th-level character. [Sage Advice, Dragon #286]

Ghosts and Vampires sidebar (Master of Shrouds prestige class): The sidebar in question shouldn’t be there at all (it was supposed to be cut from the book). [Sage Advice, Dragon #286]

Battle Rod — Provides +2 morale bonus … to what?: Saves against fear effects. [Sage Advice, Dragon #286]

Hunter of the Dead Prestige Class: …levels of Hunter of the Dead should stack with levels of other classes with the ability to turn undead…. So if you have a character that’s Pal9/Hunter of the Dead 3, it turns undead as a 10th-level cleric. If you have a character that’s Clr7/Hunter of the Dead 3, it turns undead as a 10th-level cleric. [WotC’s Rich Baker on the Official WotC Boards]