Gunthar (Mask Campaign)
STR 19 Chaotic Evil Human Warrior Equipment: chainmail,
shield, great sword (two-handed for 2E), 2 short swords
INT 15 Level: 5
WIS 11 HP: 66 (66 3E)
DEX 15 Proficient: two-handed sword, shortsword

Specialized: two-handed sword, 2 handed style

CON 17
For Save +4

2E Attack: 15 (+2 STR, +1 Spec)
3E Attack:
+10 (+4 STR, +1 Weap focus)

2E Damage: two-handed (1d10 +3 STR, +2 Spec) or short (1d6
3E Damage: greatsword (2d6 +4 STR) or shortsword (1d6 +4 STR)

2E AC: 3 (chainmail, DEX +2)
3E AC: 18 (chainmail, DEX +2, Dodge +1)

Ref Save +5
Wil Save +4
Skills and Feats Craft +4, Handle animal +4, Hide +6, Knowledge
(seamanship) +11, Listen +2, Move silently +2, Navigation +11, Spot
+6, Swim +12, Wilderness lore +2
Alertness, Dodge, Far shot, Improved bull rush, Dodge, Power attack,
Weapon focus (sword, short), Weapon focus (greatsword).

Note: Strength is 18/55 for 2E

Gunthar is the First Mate aboard the pirate ship Tempest. He is the second in command under Black Lily. He is extremely large (6’8″,245 lb.). He constantly seems to be scowling with disapproval. His quarters are extremely filthy as is Gunthar himself.

He waits for the day that Lilly will slip up and he may take command of the ship. He will not do it by force because too many of the men respect her as captain.