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Web Errata for Sword and Fist: A Guidebook to Fighters and Monks

Here are the newly revised rules corrections and official errata for Sword and Fist: A Guidebook to Fighters and Monks. These corrections are being incorporated into the second printing of the book. You will find revisions to Version 2 of this errata in blue text below. Additional typographical corrections and clarifications are also being made to the book, but these are not necessary to use the book in your game. As always, we’re happy to address specific rules questions you have. Contact [email protected].

General Changes
For the following prestige classes, insert the parenthetical 2-letter code listed below after the title of the class feature before the colon.

p. 13, Cavalier
Burst of Speed (Ex)
p. 14, Devoted Defender
Harm’s Way (Ex)
Defensive Strike (Ex)
Deflect Attack (Ex)
p. 15–17, Drunken Master
Drink Like a Demon (Ex)
Drunken Rage (Ex)
Drunken Embrace (Ex)
For Medicinal Purpose (Sp)
Breath of Flame (Sp)
p. 19–20, Fist of Hextor
Brutal Strike (Ex)
Strength Boost (Ex)
Frightful Presence (Ex)
p. 21, Ghostwalker
Resolute Aura (Ex)
Feign Death (Sp)
Etherealness (Sp)
Shadow Walk (Sp)
p. 22, Gladiator
Exhaust Opponent (Ex)
Make Them Bleed (Ex)
p. 23–24, Halfling Outrider
Defensive Ride (Ex)
Deflect Attack (Ex)
Leap from the Saddle (Ex)
p. 24–25, Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom
Shining Beacon (Su)
Best Effort (Ex)
p. 27, Lasher
Death Spiral (Su)
p. 28, Master of Chains
Scare (Su) Change extraordinary in description to supernatural
Chain Mastery (Su)
p. 30, Master Samurai
Ki Strength (Ex)
Ki Attack (Ex)
p. 31, Ninja of the Crescent Moon
Kuji-Kiri (Sp)
Silencing Attack (Su)
Invisibility (Sp)
Gaseous Form (Sp)
Improved Kuji-Kiri (Sp)
Blindsight (Ex)
Ethereal Jaunt (Sp)
p. 33, Order of the Bow Initiate
Banked Shot (Ex)
p. 34, Ravager
Pain Touch (Su)
Aura of Fear (Su)
Cruelest Cut (Su)
Visage of Terror (Sp)
p. 35, Red Avenger
Stunning Shout (Sp)
Ki Save (Ex)
Ki Skill (Ex)
Ki Healing (Sp)
Deadly Shout (Sp)
p. 36, Tribal Protector
Wild Fighting (Ex)
Smite (Su)
p. 37–38, Warmaster