About Me

Hi all, welcome to DnDAdventure.com! My name is Brody Cruise, I am an avid adventurer at heart and a web developer by trade. I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons since the 5th grade in 1978. My friend’s older brother was a DM and they introduced me to what has become one of my life long interests. I’ve been a Dungeon Master, but I really prefer playing my dark elf magic-user, Jyler.

You can contact me directly at admin @ dndadventure.com.

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Additional Credits

John McMahill (writer/lead DM) (no pic)
Alex Dominguez (writer/rules lawyer) (no pic)
Sally M (writer/rules abuser) (no pic)

Robert Lutein (writer/party animal)

From left to right:

Alex Dominguez
Rob Lutein
Alex Aguilar
Sally M
John McMahill (usually the DM)