Blackthorn (Mask Campaign)
STR 14 Lawful Evil
1/2 Elf
Fighter / Rogue

+2 rapier,
+1 main gauche,
bracers of defense AC 4 (+6 3E),
potions of (healing,
invisibility, and levitation),
lenses of invisibility detection

INT 17 Level: 8 ftr, 12 rog (7/7 3E)
WIS 12 HP: 66 (73 3E)
DEX 18

Proficient: rapier, main gauche, 2 weapon style, ambidex


CON 16
CHA 17
COM 17
For Save +3

2E THAC0: 13
3E Attack: +15/+9/+6 (+2 rapier, +2 STR, +1 Weapon Focus)
(+2 STR, +1 main gauge)

2E Damage: rapier (1d8+2)
3E Damage:
rapier (1d6+2 +2 STR), main gauge (1d4+1 +2 STR 19-20

2E AC: 0 (bracers AC 4, DEX +4)
3E AC: 20 (bracers AC 4, DEX +4)

Ref Save +0
Wil Save +2
Skills and Feats Alchemy +7, Bluff +6, Climb +6, Diplomacy
+5, Disable Device +5, Disguise +17, Escape Artist +5, Gather Info
+5, Hide +10, Intimidate +5, Intuit Direction +4, Poisons +11, listen
+6, Move Silently +10, Open Lock +7, Search +6, Sense Motive +4, Spot
+6, Tumble +4, Rope Use +4
Alertness, Ambidex, 2 Weap, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (rapier),
Weapon Spec (rapier), Improv Crit (rapier), Expertise, Improved Init

The mercenary/thief Blackthorn is something of a legend throughout the lands. He has a long and infamous career serving whoever could afford his services. Blackthorn, as would be expected, started out amongst the lower classes. Thieving just to survive he learned the typical lessons from the street. Blackthorn ,which is not his real name, learned how to fight, how to steal, and how to kill. The young man grew in skill. He sold his services to whoever would pay for a thug, a thief, or a murderer. He didn’t care what the job was, only that he got paid and never returned to the gutter.

Those days are over now, he has no fear of poverty anymore only boredom gives him pause. He has amassed and lost vast wealth and it ashes in his mouth. He seeks out challenges, going so far as to give an opponent an advantage or even lowering a fee for a particularly interesting mission. Those who think him soft or merciful are mistaken however. The hardened killer from the streets can emerge in him at anytime. Serious personal threats get all his attention.

Notes: Blackthorn considers himself cultured and honorable though he will dispense with both if inconvenienced. He can not stand rude actions by others, although he does have a weak spot for females who treat him as the noble gentleman he sees himself as. He is currently in the paid services of Baron Ganth.

He is also very knowledgeable in herbalism to make poisons and a master of disguises..

Appearance: Male 1/2 elf, 5’6″ 145 lb., short Blond hair with dark roots, small S-shaped scar on right cheek (fake),silver earring, athletic build-very well toned, pale skin, dress style is upper nobility though a lack of jewelry is noted.