Elan: This NPC is perfect for romantic sub plots since she will be traveling with the party during most of the adventures. She is initially attracted to strong, stoic types, who remind her of her capable grandfather. However she eventually tires of these people and may become more interested in flashy scoundrels who make casual but spicy banter.

Note: she will rebuff these people when first met but if they do not give her cause to dislike them she becomes easily enamored of their easy going ways. Could lead to interesting conflict if she switches her attention from one player to another.

Black Lily: Lily is an odd one for a romantic sub plot, but a very likely one. She is attracted to handsome men who she can manipulate. She is something of an emotional sadist and enjoys putting people in bad positions. For example, she will threaten to do bad things to others to get her way. Lily could eventually come to care for someone who shows her genuine attention and care, but her relationships are often with other pirates who want her position or wealth.

Black Thorn: Black Thorn is another possible love interest for a female party member but he is exceedingly cautious about all romantic entanglements. He is enamored of a lifestyle with nobility and would be attracted to someone with a cultured air or perhaps a full elf who did not look down on him for his half-breed status. One thing to remember is although Blackthorn is paranoid about his safety, he is very lonely. His life does not offer time for close relationships.

Shar the Cold: Another strong female, Shar is attracted to men who either prove themselves equally knowledgeable about battle and tactics or men who are total opposites, those who are more carefree and casual. She sees those type of men more as kept pets. She is liable to make a potential suitor prove his loyalty towards her.

Marne: This psychotic elf is not really a viable choice for a romantic subplot. She is a brutal sadist who lashes out almost randomly. She would be attracted to males who have soft skin and handsome looks but she would eventually carve her own art on their hide.

Phantasm: This being will not be attracted to anyone. He will toy with anyone thinking to get closer to it in a romantic fashion.

Kangran: This committed individual would show a female player a good time when she was in Laribus. However he is devoted to duty first and foremost and is unlikely to leave the city for any extended periods. He would like to start a lasting relationship but is unlikely to be happy with a world-traveling player.