This place is part of the Mask Campaign but may be altered and used for other adventures.

Jewel is a small frontier town. It was founded approximately 50 years ago by Bertram Havameyer. Bertram named the town Jewel, because in his eternal optimism he decided it would become the “Jewel in the kingdom’s crown”. Needless to say Bertram dreamed big, bigger than he could back it up with.

Today the town is really just a trading post, an inn/tavern, a stables, a run down church, and a few farms and houses. The total inhabitants number about 35. In wintertime this number rises a bit as some of the trappers seek a place to wait out the harsh winters or heavy rains.

The trading post, the inn/tavern- “The Jeweled Goblet”, and the stables all belong to Bertram’s son, Oscar Havameyer.

Oscar is not the optimist his father was. He would like for the small town to prosper but often he is concerned with just keeping the small town from falling apart.

1. Trading Post: This small trading post is run by Oscar’s oldest son, Jason. Jason is 22 and dying to leave this small village and see the world. The trading post carries many common items but no real weaponry, armor, or items of high value. Prices are about 25% more than normal except on items that could be made locally or food. These items are about 25% cheaper than normal.

2. Stables: This is more a barn than anything else. Oscar keeps the horses of any one staying in the inn here. He also has 1 large draft horse, 2 mules, and 2 riding horses here to buy.

3. The Jeweled Goblet: This Inn/Tavern is the main business in town. All visitors end up here along with many of the locals. Oscar and his family live here also which consist of Oscar, his wife Sarah, his oldest daughter (age 17) Gertie, his second son (15) Felix, and his 2 youngest- the twins (6) Daniel and Jenny.

The Goblet is a 2 story building made of wood. It shows some wear and tear here and there but is kept in good repair. Currently there are 2 trappers staying at the inn. In the evening another 8 trappers or locals will come here for dinner or drinks. On certain occasions, such as when the players visit, a group of goblins will visit. There are currently a group of 5 goblins visiting the inn. They have come here to trade pelts to Oscar and will stay only to eat and drink a bit. Their leader will get too drunk and the goblins will decide to stay the night in the inn’s common room after the heavy rains start.

4. The Church: This run down building is occupied by father Dimitri, a priest (5th level HP 38) DMG 51 who has been sent here due to his fondness for drink. Father Dimitri insulted several of his betters at a religious function after drinking too heavily. Now he moans over his fate to any who will listen and drinks himself further and further into a stupor. Because he lacks faith Father Dimitri can only cast 1st level spells.