Julian’s Short-Order Recipe
By Alex Han
 School  Evo. (Fire)

   Julian was a traveling bard, most noted
for his epic rendition of Young Bairn of Bigail’s defeat of
Caern the Black. He was less well known for his cooking skills,
which were not quite as impressive as his voice, but he nevertheless
persisted in opening his own restaurant on the isle of Langerhans,
retiring into relative obscurity.

   As they say, location is everything, and
as Langerhans was at that point a haven for pirates, brigands,
and rapscallions of all kinds, he found himself frequently
interrupted by less than kindly folk. He was skilled enough
with a blade, but found he wanted to be quicker rid of irritations,
and set to work devising a spell.

   Five wooden labs, one steel one, 7 manservants,
and two dogs later, he finished his solution: a spell to produce
massive quantities of flame on short notice. Having learned
his lesson from the loss of the steel lab, he made sure to
make the flame harmless to objects, and his original objective
as well, of course, rapid gouts of flame. He adapted it for
cooking as well.

   Later, Spriggan One-Eye, a companion of
the elf Ealedon, adapted it for more traditional casters than
bards, with considerable streamlining, though most bards fall
back on the original.

   Julian’s Short-Order Recipe produces a
jet of flame, springing from tha caster’s outstreched palm.
The jet deals up to d6/level damage to any victim caught in
its path. Julian’s Short-Order Recipe can be cast at a moment’s
notice, and can thus be cast as a free action. This free action
counts toward the limit of quickened spells one may cast in
a round. The spell deals no damage to inanimate objects.

 Level  Brd 6, Sor/Wiz 5
 Components  S
 Free Action
 Range  Short
(30 feet +5/lvl)
 Target  5′ wide path
 Duration  Instantaneous
 Save  Refl for 1/2
 Resistance  Yes