1. Entrance: The granite tower stands about 30′ tall and has a doomed ceiling. There is only one way in and that’s through the front door. Inside there are 6 unique suits of armor against most of the walls and a set of stairs going up. In the center there is a simple table with 4 chairs. Along the west and east wall 2 nicely carves wooden benches were placed for visitors. Each of the Armors have an improved medium zombie (hp 24 each) MM 191 3E within, improved by the amulet of the dead.

2. Upstairs: This is a simple hallway with 2 more armored suits, each with zombies (hp 24 each) MM 191 3E.

3. Closet: A closet full of old clothes and junk. There is nothing of value here.

4. Guph’s Room: In here is where Johandri will stay along with the improved medium zombie of Guphs (hp 24 each) MM 191 3E. Johandri put the zombie in bed and preserved the corpse, it still looks fresh. He uses the Guphs corpse to convince visitors that his friend is sick. With the zombie he can show that Guphs is ok, yea for a zombie!

Also in here is a desk, with a secret compartment Johandri hasn’t found yet. A spell book stand, a chest (nothing inside), and a bed with zombie Guphs. In the secret compartment is a diary of Guphs finds. If PCs manage to find this diary it will tell all about the amulet, the 3rd piece’s location (the orc caves), and how it is evil. The last entry he wrote in there is from when Johandri came to visit and about their argument over the amulet. After that Guphs was murdered by Johandri and thus no more entries.

5. Summoning Room: Guphs was a conjuror of some power, 9th to be exact. The summoning room gives any summoned creature an extra +1 hps per hit dice. The summoning being through wand or spell. The pentagram will detect as magic if searched for. 2 work benches lie against the west and east walls. Each have chemicals spilt over them and many, many stains. A few vials of magical fluid are still resting on the bench. Any PC fooling enough to mix the ingredients blindly will get a big smokey explosion and take 2d6 destroying all the materials. None of them are actual potions, just parts.

Note: Johandri’s zombies were animated special due to the amulet of the dead. Each zombie has 1 more hit dice, +1 to melee, and +1 to damage.