Upon entering the tunnels system the party sees an intersection of 4 tunnels. Allow them to make track rolls or simply listen to figure out which tunnel the plague were is moving down.

The plague were will move down through a series of passages that become somewhat damp but not really wet, more like slimy. Eventually the players can hear the loud chanting of Malchor. As they get closer there is a glyph of warding in the tunnel that will trigger, unless checking for traps somehow. The glyph will do fire damage of 7d4 to whoever triggered it and anyone in 5′. At this point Malchor stops chanting. He is in a 30′ x 30′ room at the end of one of the tunnels.

He calls to the party to come out, if he hears casting he begins his own spells. If not when they enter he gloats at his superiority and asks if they were looking for their lady fair. Pointing to an altar the party notices the wriggling form of Elan, all tied up and ready for sacrifice.

Malchor is not alone however and calls for his minions to attack. Besides the badly wounded plague were, he has 4 plague zombies left. As he sets these on the party he will cast spells to aid him and his minions, like prayer and aid, or offensive spells, like hold person, command, etc..

Once engaged in to hand to hand he will cast a poison spell on his first opponent. Malchor will not retreat, he has nowhere to run really. Out of spite he will try to kill Elan if he believes he will lose the battle as in typical villain fashion. When malchor and his creatures are well and truly defeated Elan can be freed. Elan, who is somewhat hysterical from her captivity, will eventually tell the party that Malchor bragged of killing the sage Fero and stole the information concerning the masks.

Sure enough the books of the sage Fero are collected here along with some stolen goods that Malchor kept for himself. Kangran will insist that the stolen goods be returned but will allow the party to keep whatever information they want from the dead sage’s books.

Kangran will also insist that the party stay around for a few days to help explain the situation to the various officials and guild masters who all want to know what happened. When all is said and done they have a close ally now in Captain Kangran. Also the merchant’s guild, under directions from the king’s representatives, will hold a celebration to honor the party members for their efforts and reward them.

Each party member will be given a silver necklace with a gold pendant representing the coat-of arms of the city, value of 300 gp. but here in Laribus the value would be closer to 500. The players will be somewhat known in the city for some time and will likely be given large discounts and welcome gifts by those who appreciate their accomplishments. But alas there is more work to do.