The party are all safe and sound in their warm little beds, while outside the a fierce storm is brewing.

All is well until, one of the players is awakened by the sound of his door being broken in. A goblin stumbles into the room, his eyes wild, covered in blood, and armed with a dagger as he lunges at the PC!

Ask for the players action, remembering that he is surprised and whatever is to be done must be only a few seconds in length. If he attempts to kill the goblin he succeeds easily, if he attempts to stop him or dodge the attack the goblin collapses and dies.

A few seconds later a woman’s repeated cries sound through the inn, waking everyone. Some will stop to see the dead goblin in the players room, others will head to the source of the screams to find the Sarah screaming that her babies are gone.

The goblins will be immediately suspected and several of the locals will want to kill them immediately. Only Oscar’s need to find where his children have been taken will keep the 4 remaining goblins alive.

A thorough search will take place but the only clues will be an open window in the children’s room and the dead goblin, who has deep claw marks besides any wounds the PCs inflicted. No wet footprints or other marks are left behind unless they check outside. Those who check outside will discover tracks, LARGE ones. Only 1 set and they appear to be clawed. A discussion will quickly take place, the tracks must be followed because the pounding rain will soon sweep them away. None of the local trappers and farmers want to go fighting some awful beasty in the middle of the night however.

Oscar will beg for someone to help him, offering whatever rewards he can think of, he will then appeal to individuals by name begging for any help. The locals will be ashamed but are too frightened to go. Hopefully the party volunteers to search for the missing kids. If this happens Oscar will thank them profusely and embarrassingly. After a few seconds of hushed debate 2 of the goblins offer to go also. They wish to avenge the killing of their leader, and collect a possible reward. If the party discourages them they will wait then follow at a distance. They will mention that they are skilled trackers if none are in the party.

Whatever decision is reached with the goblins, they will either accompany the party or follow them but have no reason to betray them. They will fight but will not sacrifice their lives. They will use range weapons when inside the caves, preferring to stay under cover and snipe from safe positions.

After getting equipped the party sets out into the howling rain. The first problem to come up will be light, no torches or lanterns can stand this storm. Even a hooded lantern will not last long. Likely magical light sources will have to be used and even then the wind is so strong that the rain seems to be falling sideways forcing visibility down to a few feet.

As the PCs follow the tracks the ground is turning to mud, which will then flood. Who ever is tracking will have to go slowly and will be unable to ride so as to keep the tracks in sight. Horses will be difficult to keep under control, the lightning continues unabated, the storm is howling and the rain is coming hard. The party will be traveling in a circle of magical light but only able to see a few feet. Meantime the ground turns to ever deepening mud. After half an hour large hail is added to the rain, making the trip painful as well. The tracks lead the players to a creek bed, now swollen and overflowing. Who ever is tracking will be able to tell that the tracks entered the stream but can not tell if they exited without crossing over.

The fast moving creek is now over 9 feet deep at its center. Those using horses to cross must make riding rolls. Those without horses, the goblins have ponies, must come up with a plan to cross as the river is too fast and cluttered to simply swim over, allow whatever plan is decided on to succeed if reasonable. Once they get across the tracker is able to find the tracks again after a few minutes along with a torn bit of clothing caught on a tree from one of the children.