Davrus the goblin war leader has told the party that while they respect their powers that the dwarven refugees must be killed! Davrus further explains that dwarves are a vermin on the world and they cannot be allowed to leave the area and possibly thrive to trouble the goblins again. He states that goblin history tells them that “the evil hairy ones are well known for the troubles that they cause goblins. We have only allowed them to live so far because they were to weak to be a threat but now with your aid they might escape to thrive and that must not be allowed.”

Davrus listens to whatever the players have to say quietly. If they agree to turn over the dwarves then he cheerfully has his goblins massacre them and wishes the party a safe trip. Likely though the PCs tell him no. Davrus will ask if they intend to protect the dwarves. When they tell him yes then he will inform them that they will still attempt to kill the dwarves and he regrets any injury that his goblins may cause the “powerful warriors”. He will try to leave at this point and holler back that they will do their best not to target the party. Davrus and his force will leave, or his next in line if Davrus is killed by the party during negotiations. The dwarves are now desperate and Regner will again beg the party to protect them from the goblins. If shown the player’s maps, given them by Charilus, he will state that he can “more or less guide them to that area”

Note: In truth he can guide the players to the approximate area, however Regner will say anything at this point to save the lives of his kin.

The players now have a dilemma. The PCs must come up with means to protect and feed the dwarves and themselves. Their resources are limited, the mountainous area is home to some small trees and scrub brush but little else. Game is to be found but with the heavy rains and the coming winter it is not plentiful. They will also be forced to travel; at the rate of the slowest member- in this case half-starved dwarven children. Movement rate of 10-15 feet a round (2E 3″ to 6″). Also horses are now nearly useless in the harsh mountain terrain.

Several hours will pass before the goblins try anything. They will be using their worgs to send some small groups ahead of the party while scouts will follow the party and see what preparations they make. After nightfall will come the first attack.