Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, there lived a wise and just king who ruled over a prosperous land. The king had a problem that he could not solve. Every year, there was a great amount of damage caused by fires in the outhouses that were spread throughout his kingdom.

In his quest to find a solution, the king consulted with his wise men and women. They advised him to commission the creation of a special sword that could detect the presence of methane, a highly flammable gas that was often the cause of the outhouse fires. The king accepted the advice and ordered the finest blacksmiths in the kingdom to forge the Sword of Methane Detection.

The blacksmiths worked tirelessly for many months and finally presented the king with the sword. It was a magnificent weapon, with a blade that glowed a bright green when it was near methane. The king was so pleased with the sword that he immediately sent it on a tour throughout the kingdom, to be displayed in each of the major cities.

As the sword traveled from city to city, the people of the kingdom began to take notice. Many of them had suffered from the fires in the outhouses, and they saw the sword as a symbol of hope. They began to use it to inspect their outhouses and other buildings, searching for any signs of methane.

This sword of dubious value appears to be a longsword of excellent quality. Its hilt is engraved with pictures of some kind of small bird, canaries, and has a pommel stone made of aqua marine. The blade itself is standard length for a longsword though there appears to be some dirt or perhaps soot smudges on the blade when first found.

Abilities: +1 to hit and damage, and detects methane, a highly flammable gas found in mines, the occasional dungeon, or an outhouse. Upon detecting the presence of methane within 5′ the sword will flame up a bright blue flame. This usually ignites the methane causing pain and suffering for all around! Use 1d6 to 3d6 for damage.