Consciousness Skip
School Necromancy

This spell supplements the magic jar spell and is used to allow a wizard to transfer his consciousness into specially prepared corpses and even non-intelligent undead.

The corpses can be mindless undead and must be prepared through a special ritual (10 minutes or so) before they can be used. Once the spell is completed it takes the caster 1 round to transfer his consciousness from one corpse to another or to recover his consciousness from having a corpse destroyed.

He is able to cast verbal and somatic spells through the corpse as if it were his own body. If a cleric attempts to turn an inhabited corpse, it turns as a creature of the casters hit dice. If he is turned he is forced from that body (permanently) and stunned for 1 round, he may then inhabit another form, which takes a 2nd round.

If the wizard is sealed against returning to a corpse or has none left he returns to the jar or his body. Inhabited corpses have as many hit points as the wizard.

Level 5 Sor, Wiz
Components V,S,M
Range as per
magic jar
Target as per
magic jar
Duration as per
magic jar
Save as per
magic jar
Resistance as per
magic jar