In a world where magic and swordplay coexisted, warriors and mages alike sought to find ways to protect themselves from physical harm. It was in this world that a powerful wizard named Arcturus discovered the Protection from Physical Attacks spell.

Arcturus was a wise and experienced wizard who had seen the devastating effects of war and violence. He had also seen the limits of armor and weaponry in protecting individuals from harm. With this in mind, Arcturus devoted himself to studying the ancient tomes of magic in search of a spell that would provide the ultimate defense against physical attacks.

After many long years of research and experimentation, Arcturus finally discovered the Protection from Physical Attacks spell. This spell was unique in that it did not rely on any physical barriers to protect the caster. Instead, it utilized powerful magic to create a shimmering aura around the caster that deflected any physical attacks that came their way.

The Protection from Physical Attacks spell quickly became popular among warriors and mages alike, as it allowed them to fight without the need for heavy armor or cumbersome weapons. With this spell, they could defend themselves against even the most powerful of physical attacks, while still retaining their mobility and agility.

As the popularity of the spell grew, Arcturus trained a new generation of wizards in the art of casting the spell. Today, the Protection from Physical Attacks spell is one of the most commonly used defensive spells in the world, and it remains a testament to Arcturus’s dedication to finding a way to protect individuals from harm. Whether in battle or in everyday life, the Protection from Physical Attacks spell continues to offer individuals a powerful defense against physical attacks of all kinds.


Protection from Physical Attacks
 School  Abj.
This spell creates a magic shield around the caster in a 1 foot radius. It confers some invulnerability to physical attacks such as those done by weapons, appendages of creatures, missiles, etc. The shield can, in total, absorb 3 points of damage per level of the caster before dissolving. The shield will absorb the 1st 10 hit points of damage the caster takes in a combat round from physical attacks. Any damage over that will affect the user. The shield uses the AC of the caster.
 Level  4 Sor, Wiz
 Components  V,S
 Range  0
 Target  Caster
 Duration  1t / lvl
 Save  No
 Resistance  Yes