This item is created as an inexpensive solution to flying. It is also taught in wizard schools as one of the 1st items a wizard makes. It teaches a wizard the creation of magic items, the difficulty of finding the proper components, and the value of taking the proper time to design a good magical item. Many wizards have broken a bone or two trying to use this device.

Abilities: These magic wings come from a large scavenger bird such as a vulture or condor that was such a poor flyer in life that it crashed and died of its own accord. The wings are stitched onto the back of a small vest and may be worn by any class. When a charge is expended the wings come to life and give the user the ability to fly as a (poor flying) vulture, with a flying move of 40 (poor). The flying is always somewhat lopsided and shaky. The flying ability lasts for only 1d20 rounds after which the wings fold back up, plunging the user to the ground. The user never knows exactly how long the flying ability will last. The wings can be used only once per day. Once all the charges are expended, the wings fall apart. The wings can have at most 25 charges.

Creation: Caster Level 5, prerequisites, Craft wondrous item, fly. Market price 3,000 GP. Weight 1 lb.