Agriv was originally crafted for Ilismach Wolfswift, a barbarian warrior of renowned strength and ability to break wielded weapons. Agriv had to be made specially for him so he would not shatter his weapon in battle. He hired a blacksmith and mage to work on the weapon together. This process took longer than the barbarian expected as it used a rare metal called hardiron. The hardiron in the blase gives the sword its dull black color.

Before Ilismach’s sword was completed his clan went to war with a rival clan, and Ilismach volunteered himself to be in the front ranks. After two days of bitter fighting, he lay dead on the battlefield, and Agriv was inherited by his son, Lirid. Lirid never was the adventuring type, however, and he lost the sword while traveling a few years later when he was assaulted by theives.

The sword passed through many hands thoughout the years. Strangly enough each time the sword is found by a new owner it has been lost within 1 month to be found again.

Abilities: +2 bastard sword when wielding 2 handed by a person of 16 strength or greater. The sword is treated as a +2 magical sword regardless. The blade is 7 pounds heavier than a normal bastard sword and has a hardness of 20, HP 10.

Ilismach originally requested that a special magic be put on the blade to make sure only the strongest of his family members would have the sword as it passed from generation to generation. Ilismach assumed all in his line were warriors, his son was not. As such the sword has a permanent forget (DC 30, will) spell placed on it that activates every month. The spell only affects those with lower than a 16 strength and not of the Ilismach bloodline.