The Black Eye was created out of paranoia and fear. A young prince named Altis Denar was groomed to replace his father, king Rastan Denar, when he passed away. Within his kingdom most of his subjects that were happy with only a few wanting to rid themselves of the king.

Many attempts on king Rastan’s life were made throughout the years, one nearly succeeded. Altis, always being fearful of death, saw what he must face as king and asked the court wizard to help him. He wanted something to make him look fierce so no one would try to assassinate him and to allow him to see these unseen assassins that did.

The wizard worked on this for a few weeks. When he was done he presented the price with the Black Eye. It is an elaborate leather eye-patch with sewed on designs of a red dragon, its flame curving around the eye patch. It looked fierce indeed.

The prince felt safe, or at least he thought so. He could see hidden and invisible assassins so they would never sneak up on him. Well a couple more years passed and his father finally did die of old age. The prince took over the kingdom, and he wasn’t a bad king. He was just not too wise.

After only 6 months of his rule king Altis was killed, but not by an assassins blade, or a stealthy figure with a garrot. He was poisoned by his step brother who wanted the throne for himself. His step brother, not knowing of the eye patch, gave it to an old man with one eye. Eventually the old man sold it for food and this eye-patch passed from owner to owner. None knowing what its true purpose was for only a one-eyed man would have use for such a thing.

Abilities: The eye patch allows the wearer to see normally through the eye, in the dark, and invisible objects and beings. Persons trying to hide in the shadows will not fool the wearer of the eye-patch. It cannot see through magical darkness.