(852DR) Alavandra, “Protector of the Realm,” is the sword that protects the realm, Galadon, on the far eastern reaches of Fearun. The sword was created by the great archwizard and royal mage, K’shar Falador.

Alavandra was created in a time of the devastating war known as the War of the Dark Lords. Alavandra’s first wielder was a young adventurer named Tybron Opacare (Fighter 19). Not yet out of his teens this young man was chosen by Mystral to take up the sword and defeat the Dark Lords with the help of his three friends Aldym of Evereska (Wizard 13/Archwizard 5), Koga of Helmr (Paladin 18), and Ashrem Whitefire (Ranger 20) lost prince of the fallen kingdom of Valorin.

The battle between the four heroes and the Dark Lord raged on for four days leaving the Dark Lord’s mountain destroyed. This victory was not without it’s losses for in order for Tybron to destroy the last Dark Lord he had to sacrifice himself by distracting the evil Lord so that his comrade Aldym could cast a devastating new spell called Ultima.

As soon as the spell hit both Dark Lord and Tybron were destroyed. The only object surviving was the sword which laid among the ash with out a scratch. Through out the years Alavandra has never again been called to service until recently when the Kingdom was under attack by the Avatar of Shar and her army of darkness. Once again the sword chose a young adventurer by the name of Gabriel Armial (Fighter 10) along with his three friends, Sarah of Helm (Paladin 9), Vandrili (Wizard 11), and Revan great great grandson of Ashrem Whitefire King of Valorin.

These brave adventurers are still struggling with this new threat to the kingdom but they won’t quit until Galadon is safe.

Type: Bastard Sword +5
Damage: 1d10

Special Properties:
Speed (PHB)
Spell Turning 9 (PHB)
Fine Edge + 1d10 (Awakening Campaign)
Defender + 8 to AC (Awakening Campaign)