Neptune’s Curse was created by a water nymph name Gurgel who had become annoyed with humans intruding into his domain. He made three of these swords, and set them on the border of his territory. Not long after a young adventurer named Tomei came by and spotted an ornate sword lying in a patch of reeds, just waiting for someone to come along and pick it up. He grabbed it, took one look at the surrounding water, and fled in terror.

For years afterwards Tomei told stories of the haunted lake that kept most of the people from visiting the body of water. Some, more curious folk, still went to find out what was so scary about the lake. Some found the swords left there by the Nymph fleeing in terror as Tomei did before. To this day the lake has been left alone as its haunted legend is still spoke of today.

Apparently Gurgel knew his business, for a remove curse spell won’t work on to rid the cursed of his phobia. There are three ways to have it removed: Take it back to the place you found it and toss it into the nearest body of water; find the Gurgel and get him to remove the curse, or travel to the elemental plane of water and the curse will automatically be removed, no will check necessary.

Neptune’s Curse shimmers blue-green with magic, and has an elaborate, twisted guard that appears to be formed out of seaweed that has been made solid. The grip is wrapped in what appears to be green leather, but is actually seaweed.

Abilities: Neptune’s Curse is a longsword -1 to hit and damage. Anybody who claims the sword as their own is immediately afflicted with extreme hydrophobia. Every time they approach enough water to submerge them ,anything from a full bath to an ocean, they must make a will save (DC 25) or be affected as though by a fear spell, hydrophobia. The fear will last as long as they are within sight of water and for 1d6 rounds afterward.

An interesting side effect of this curse is that affected characters will not want to bath. As a DM you might want this refusal to clean themselves affect their charisma eventually. It will be difficult for friends to convince the cursed that he stinks and needs to bathe.