Derelorn became popular after a large orc raid when a warrior named Derelorn saved the town from the orc raiders in a final battle. Currently the town supports a militia of 80 men and 1 2nd level wizard, Grundal the innkeeper.

1. Guph’s Tower: See Guph’s Wizard Tower

2. Big Axe Inn: This is the hamlet’s center. It is its most popular spot where the commoners come to enjoy themselves and talk with friends. It is owned by Grundal, a 2nd level wizard gnome DMG 57 3E. Grundal is always happy and friendly, he will try to please his customers. If things get out of hand in the inn Grundal will cast a sleep spell to put an end to the comotion.

At any time there are 2 3rd to 7th level NPCs staying in a private room in the inn. There are 8 rooms available for travellors to sleep in. There is also a common room that has 10 simple beds with a large chest by each bed, no lock. It is 1 gp. per night in the private rooms and 1 sp. per night in the common room.

3.The Graveyard: 14 corpses are buried here from persons that passed away over the years. Currently there are 5 graves that are dug up due to Johandri’s animated dead spell. Tracks lead off into the woods toward the forest lake (track DC 25).

4. The Constable: Samual (commoner INT 16) runs the town. He overlooks problems, construction, justice, and keeps an eye on travellors. He will be eager to help the party solve the problem with the orcs and the undead and offer a reward if need be. He usually has 2 of the militia with him to handle things.

5. Temple: Because of the recent events the constable has a militia post in the town temple on the north end of the hamlet, thats where the orcs are coming from. They are there to keep an eye on the graveyard and to watch for orc raids. 10 human guard (hp 10, Ftr 1) DMG 53 3E. Paprii (Hp 9, Clr 2) DMG 51 3E has agree to let the militia stay at the temple. He is new to the area and does not know anything about the raids or undead. If the PCs approach him he will try to answer the best he can, which is not much. If he feels that the PCs are getting hostile he will ask them to leave. Paprii is very insecure and does not like confrontations.