Brizbane’s Bountiful Book (ZIP 13 Kb)
Beguiler Spell Reference (198Kb ZIP) by Michael Lentz
Cleric spell list for 3.5E ZIP 866Kb by Ken Stanford
Collection of Cleric spells by Ken Stanford (ZIP 500Kb)
Converted Wizard Hancollections spellsbook spells for 3E (ZIP 71 Kb)
Druid Spells 3.5E by Ken Stanford (ZIP 469Kb)
Ellendrin Spells (ZIP 68 Kb) by Bob Dopey
Net Book of Spells (ZIP 994 Kb)
Paladin Spells in 3.5E (ZIP 157Kb) by Ken Stanford
Priest Spells 2E (ZIP 76 Kb)
Wild Magic (ZIP 70 Kb)
Spell Creation Sheet
Ranger Spells 3.5E by Ken Stanford (ZIP 186Kb)


Excerpts from the Ranger Spell Book:

Ranger Spell Book
V 4.1 (3.5 Edition)
All spells taken from the Wizards of the Coast, Player’s Handbook if not otherwise noted.

1st – Level Spells (pg. 2)
Animal Messenger
Calm Animals
Charm Animal
Delay Poison
Detect Animals or Plants
Detect Poison
Detect Snares and Pits
Endure Elements
Hide from Animals
Magic Fang
Pass without Trace
Read Magic
Resist Energy
Speak with Animals
Summon Nature’s Ally I

2nd – Level Spells (pg. 7)
Bear’s Endurance
Cat’s Grace
Cure Light Wounds
Hold Animal
Owl’s Wisdom
Protection from Energy
Snare Reduce Animal
Speak with Plants
Spike Growth
Summon Nature’s Ally II
Wind Wall

3rd – Level Spells (pg. 10)
Command Plants
Cure Moderate Wounds
Diminish Plants
Magic Fang, Greater
Neutralize Poison
Plant Growth
Remove Disease
Repel Vermin
Summon Nature’s Ally III
Tree Shape
Water Walk

4th – Level Spells (pg. 13)
Animal Growth
Commune with Nature
Cure Serious Wounds
Freedom of Movement
Summon Nature’s Ally IV
Tree Stride