The Assassin’s Ring was a mysterious artifact, whispered about among those in the know. It was said to be a simple, unassuming ring that held within it a powerful and deadly secret. The ring was designed to discreetly hold and release a potent poison, making it the perfect tool for assassins.

The origins of the ring were shrouded in mystery, but it was believed to have been created by a brilliant engineer who sought to provide assassins with a tool that would allow them to carry out their deadly missions with precision and stealth. The ring was said to be virtually undetectable, and its poison was rumored to be so potent that even the smallest amount could kill a man instantly.

Despite its reputation, the Assassin’s Ring remained elusive and its existence was largely unknown outside of the small, tight-knit community of assassins who used it. Those who possessed the ring were said to be feared and respected among their peers, as they were rumored to be nearly unstoppable in their deadly missions.

A gift given to one who has successfully worked their way through the ranks of treacherous, backstabbing, and plotting comrades for the spot as lead assassin. The ring eventually is passed on to the next person who gains this position, through rank, assassination, or any other means.

Abilities: This non-magical iron ring has a sharp tip on it. If the latch is lifted you can gain access to a small reservoir where you can put any poison. Upon piercing an object with an unarmed attack the ring directly injects the poison within the reservoir. Does 1d3 points of damage. 200gp