The Crypt Winds spell was a powerful incantation, feared by many for its ability to summon a dense and freezing cold wall of fog. It was said to have been created by a powerful and evil wizard, who sought to use its power for his own sinister purposes.

The wizard was known for his mastery of the dark arts and his willingness to use his powers for evil. He was said to have spent years locked away in his secret laboratory, experimenting and perfecting the spell that would become known as the Crypt Winds.

Once he had mastered the incantation, the dark wizard began to use the spell to further his own dark goals. He would summon the fog to obscure his movements and protect himself from his enemies, and he used its power to terrorize and conquer those who dared to stand in his way.

The dark wizard’s mastery of the Crypt Winds spell made him nearly unstoppable. Those who faced him in battle would tremble in fear at the mere mention of the spell, for it was said that those who dared to enter the fog would never return.

Over time, the spell became widely known, and many sought to learn it for themselves. Some sought to use its power for evil, just as the dark wizard had, while others sought to harness its power for more noble purposes. However, the spell remained a formidable tool for those who possessed the skill and discipline to control its power, and it remained a source of fear and terror for those who encountered it.


Crypt Winds
By ?
 School  Necromancy

When this spell is cast, a foggy, damp, crawling mist spreads forth from the caster. The hazy winds spread from the caster out to a 60ft wide by 25ft tall cloud. This fog grants all undead within it a +2 deflection bonus to AC against all attacks upon them while they remain within the fog. Living creatures within the cloud take 1d4 points of cold damage each round.

Material Components: a vulture’s feather and the heart of someone who died from freezing.

 Level  3 Wiz, Sor
 Components  V,S
 Range  zero
 Target  60′ area
 Duration  5r / +1r lvl
 Save  No
 Resistance  Yes