Merlantha had never seen a weapon like it before. It was a double tipped spear with a small black spiked shield attached to the center. The cleric spun the weapon gracefully in front of him. As he spun the weapon, Merlantha was overwhelmed by a rainbow explosion of colors before her. In the moment she was stunned, the priest charged her, piercing her stomach with one end of the weapon.

“Fear not, girl,” said the priest. “For there is no pain or suffering in the Great Nothingness.”

Merlantha’s body tried to fight, but it could not resist the weapon’s power. In a moment, all that was left was a pile of dust.

Abilities: An adaga is a double tipped spear fitted with a small shield in the center. Normally, the shield will possess either spikes all over it or a single blade in its center. Because of the craftsmanship required to make the weapon, all adages are classified as masterwork weapons. It is a two-handed weapon requiring either the exotic weapon proficency feat OR weapon focus: spear to use. The adaga provides a +1 shield bonus to the wielder’s Armor Class. The weapon does 1d8+1/1d8+1* damage and has a critical threat of 19-20. The wielder can also use the shield to parry attacks, causing 1d4+1 damage on a successful parry due to the spikes or blade.

An opponent who fails an attack roll by 10 or more must make a reflex save (DC 13) or take 1d4+1 points of damage from the shield.

An adaga can be enchanted just as any normal masterwork weapon can. A typical adaga will cost approximately 500 gp.

The Nihilist Adaga was originally created by an individual know only as He of No Name (HONN). HONN was at one point the highest ranking cleric of the dark diety Thanatos**, the God of Nothingness. Under the blessings of his diety, HONN created the first of the feared weapons, and soon at least one was in the possession of each hidden temple to Thanatos.

A Nihilist’s Adaga is a +3 adaga granting the wielder both the ambidexterity and two-weapon fighting feats, so long as the cleric is wearing no armor heavier that light armor. The +3 bonus of the adaga also provides a magical bonus to the wielder’s Armor Class.

The weapon has two other special powers. Once per day, the wielder can twirl the weapon and activate a color spray (Will Save DC 13) to stun all opponents within twenty feet. Opponents must be able to see the color spray to be affected.

The most feared ability of the Nihilist’s Adaga is its ability to disintegrate an opponent. The power can be invoked once per day. The cleric must declare he is using the power before making his attack roll. If the attack is a critical, the target must make a Fortitude Save (DC 15) or be disintegrated. If the target makes the save, it still takes x3 damage. If the attack is successful, but not a critical, the damage is x2. Creatures with spell resistance add their SR to their Fortitude save.

*Treat as fighting with two weapons to calculate attack bonuses and penalties.
**DM may, of course, substitute any appropriate deity that suits the campaign.