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Races, Classes, and Prestige Classes

   So many classes out there to choose from. Well we put them up for you. We can't guarantee that they are all cool but try em out. We try to sort out the cheesy ones.

3E Races

Beast Folk Races and Feats 3.5E by Gideon Kalve Jarvis
The Beheld (ZIP 81 Kb) Dunham Studios
Catfolk (ZIP 6Kb) by Ralphie Kabo
Equine: (ZIP 72 Kb) Daniel Isoldi
Lawn Gnomes (ZIP 6Kb) by Justin Eory
Lords of the Lost Vale (WOTC 4 new races)
Ramma, winged elf (ZIP 175KB) Bessmertni
Urubane (ZIP 6Kb) by Ralphie Kabo
Netbook of Races

2E Classes and 3E Prestige Classes by Our Site ©2001

Arcane Master (ZIP 59 Kb) by Jim Lamb
Dakari Knight (ZIP 57 Kb) by Jim Lamb
Elemental Master (ZIP 59 Kb) by Robert Lutein
Spellsword (ZIP 100 Kb) by Alex Dominguez
Spirit Warrior by Tony Dean
Psi Sorcerer (ZIP 81 Kb) by Alex Dominguez

3E Classes and Prestige Classes by Other Sites
Class Construction Engine (Looks Nice)
Class Creation Tool (ZIP 295 Kb) by Bob ?

Agent (ZIP 8 Kb) by Wiebe Haanstr
Anweledig: ZIP 116Kb
Arcane Magistrate: Community 3E
Archer for 3E: Artiom Serebrennikov ZIP 5 Kb
Awakened Ones: Community 3E (Cleric Pres)
Battle Rager: ZIP 249 Kb
Beast Master: Community 3E or ZIP 16 Kb
Beast Master: Anders T. Røshol ZIP 141 Kb
Beast Rider: Artiom Serebrennikov ZIP 100 Kb
Berserker: Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter ZIP 191Kb
Bestial Beserker: Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter ZIP 235Kb
Black Blade: Lee Justus ZIP 33 Kb
Blade Dancer (Class): Community 3E or ZIP 20 Kb
Blade Master: ZIP 31 Kb
Blade Singer (4 Class Types): ZIP 18 Kb
Blind Swordsman (ZIP 42kb)
Blood Forger: Lee Justus ZIP 79 Kb
Bounty Hunter (Class): Community 3E
Bounty Hunter (Class): Mason Ruhstorfer ZIP 93Kb
Bounter Hunter: Patrick Parker ZIP 67 Kb
Buccaneer (Class): Community 3E
Cavalier (4 Class/Prestige in one): ZIP 18 Kb
Celestial Investigator (Class): Nick Pape ZIP 8Kb
Chaos Warrior: The 3rd Edition
Coil Master: The 3rd Edition
Clod (Class): Community 3E
Crimson Warrior: Dante Buccieri ZIP 87 Kb
Danger Wayfarer (ZIP 45k)
Dark Knight (Class): Community 3E
Dark Strider: Jesse Brake ZIP 5 Kb
Daywalker: Dante Buccieri ZIP 85 Kb
Demi-Undead: Community 3E
Demon Disciple NPC ONLY: Adam Buchinski ZIP 11Kb
Demolitionist: Dante Buccieri ZIP 86 Kb
Dino-rider: Jeremy Sand ZIP149 Kb 3.5E
Dipsyple: D. J. Cecil ZIP 79 Kb
Devil Master: The 3rd Edition
Doomguard NPC Class: M.Reginald Goodrich ZIP 104 Kb
Draco Knight: Community 3E
Draconclast ZIP 92Kb (ZIP 92Kb
Dragon Slayer: ZIP 15 Kb
Dragon Slayer (Class): ZIP 181 Kb
Dragoon: Community 3E
Dreamer: Community 3E
Drunken Fighter: The 3rd Edition
Dwarven Pest Hunter: Artiom Serebrennikov ZIP 6 Kb
Elder Bard: Amaris de Clare ZIP 139 Kb
Elementalist (Class): TXT 4 Kb
Elemental Summoner by Clay ZIP 5Kb
Elven Forester (Class): Community 3E
Elven Woodland Defender (Class): Community 3E
Fighter Mage (Class): Community 3E
The Force (Class): Community 3E (Monk type)
Geomancer (Class): Community 3E
Giant Killer: Artiom Serebrennikov ZIP 6 Kb
Golden Monk: Community 3E
Great Hunter: Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter ZIP 242Kb
Hand of Torm: Jack Jensen ZIP 75 Kb
Hellraiser: Dante Buccieri ZIP 79 Kb
   New feats (ZIP 65 Kb) Dante Buccieri, some go with Hellraiser PC.
Highlander, yes like the movie: Victor Buccieri ZIP 92 Kb
Holy Avenger: Community 3E
Ikon: Community 3E (Psionic Fighter)
Incarnate from White Wolf Online
Inspiring Hero: The 3rd Edition
Ironguard Elite: Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter ZIP 207Kb
Knife Fighter: Dante Buccieri ZIP 88 Kb
Knight of Heronious: Marko Pavlic ZIP 85Kb
Magic Artificier: Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter ZIP 141Kb
Magus (Class): Community 3E (Cleric/Wizard type)
Master of Chains: Dante Buccieri ZIP 82 Kb
Mercenary Scout: Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter ZIP 135Kb
Mercenary Surgeon: Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter ZIP 162Kb
Master Necromancer: Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter ZIP 293Kb
Messianic Avatar: Community 3E
Monks of the Mind (Class): Community 3E
Mount Prestige Class: Benjamin Misky ZIP 99 Kb
Musketeer: Dante Buccieri ZIP 82 Kb
Naturalist (Class): Community 3E
Night Stalker: ZIP 103 Kb
Old Lore Bard: ZIP 92Kb
Orish Warbringer: The 3rd Edition
Oros (Class): Community 3E
Pardic Battle Mage: Phillip Laxer ZIP 77kb
Prophet: ZIP 201 Kb
Psi Spider: Community 3E
Psion (Class): Community 3E
Psionicist (Class): WOTC or ZIP 156 Kb OFFICIAL!!
Psychic Rogue (Class): Community 3E
Rage Mage: by Leith Niegowski ZIP 7 Kb
Ranger Varient: Joshua Curtis ZIP 23KB
Revenant: Dave Cecil ZIP 96Kb
Runic Blade: Community 3E
Sacred Fist: Community 3E
Samurai (Class): Community 3E
Scout (Class): Community 3E
Shadow Witch ZIP 12 Kb
Shaman ZIP 141 Kb by Mike Sumrall
Silver Crecent Ninja (ZIP 8Kb) by Dylan Boyd
Skull Legion Mercenary: Community 3E
Solonor's Bowhunters: Community 3E
Soulblade: by Jesse Brake ZIP 101 Kb
Spellchaser: Ryan Pinks ZIP 70Kb
Spy Master: Community 3E
Street Fighter: Community 3E
Street Fighter: ZIP 98 Kb
Stalker: The 3rd Edition
Sum Alaghor: Oliver Drew ZIP 119 Kb
Summoner (Class): Jordan Ross ZIP 202 Kb
The Summoner: Damon Schmidt ZIP 100 Kb
Swarm Master: Community 3E
The Techreaver: Kirk Hone ZIP 20Kb
Temporal Fighter: by Wiebe Haanstr ZIP 8 Kb
Tempus Warlord: Al Putso ZIP 43 Kb
Time Master: Community 3E
Transbody: Wiebe Haanstr ZIP 8 Kb
Triad: Triad: D. J. Cecil (ZIP 79 Kb)
Undead Hunter: Community 3E
Vampire PC Class: Anthony Brune (ZIP 18 Kb) As a DM use with caution.
Veil Lord: The 3rd Edition
Vicar: (ZIP 9k) Ryan Eiler
Woodland Archer: by Tim Hunt ZIP 94 Kb
Warlock (Class): Community 3E
Warrior-Mage: By Brian Hutchison ZIP 55 Kb
Torm's White Lion: by Anonymous ZIP 234Kb
Void Mage: Wiebe Haanstr ZIP 10 Kb
Wild Mage: Sean Reynolds.com
Witch: ZIP 57 Kb
Witch Doctor: Dante Buccieri ZIP 99 Kb


Blood Feats by Eric Shealy ZIP 6Kb
Patron Saint (ZIP 44 Kb) by D. J. Cecil
Shield Expertise
Focused Shot
Hidden Spell
Magical Temperance

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