A powerful druid named Eir was renowned for her mastery over the elements and her deep connection with nature. But despite her many accomplishments, Eira was not content. She dreamed of creating a spell that would allow her to protect herself and those she loved from harm.

So, Eira locked herself away in her grove, deep in the heart of the forest, and began her research. She studied ancient tomes, consulted with spirits of the air, and conducted countless experiments. At last, after many long months, Eira discovered the formula for the Air Shield spell.

Eira was overjoyed. The Air Shield spell was like nothing she had ever seen before. It created a shimmering barrier of air that was almost impenetrable. Eira felt confident that with this spell, she would be able to protect herself and others from harm.

But as she prepared to cast the spell, something went wrong. A rogue electrical storm and bolt of lightening struck down and disrupted the Eira and the casting of the spell, causing it to go awry. The energy from the spell was too much for Eira to control, and she was engulfed by the forces she had unleashed.

Or so it seemed. For when the energies of the spell subsided, Eira emerged unscathed, her body now suffused with the power of the Air Shield spell. She was more powerful than ever before, and she knew that she could protect herself and those she loved from any harm.

The druids and rangers of the land rejoiced at Eira’s miraculous survival, and the Air Shield spell became one of the most sought-after spells in those lands.


Air Shield
By Robert Lutein
 Evo. (Element  Air)

A semi invisible circulation of air encompasses the caster creating a barrier of forceful wind that deflects objects coming close to the caster. The barrier gives the caster +2 to AC deflection bonus vs melee attacks and +6 AC deflection vs missile attacks. Huge or larger sized melee weapons are not affected by the spell. Small flying creatures and insects may not approach the caster when the spell is in effect. This includes spells like creeping doom or insect plague. Incorporeal creatures are not affected by this spell.

 3 Drd,  Rgr
 1 round
 self only
 10m / lvl