DM Master Sheet (ZIP 7Kb) Keep track of players in Excel
DM’s Screen for 3.5E (ZIP 187Kb) by René Mongrain
DM Screen (55Kb ZIP) by Eduardo Moranchel
DM Sheets to keep track of players (ZIP 203 Kb)
Grail Monter Lookup in Excel by Joe Benson (ZIP 2.9 MB)
Hex Grid Blank Map by Kevin Morris (GIF 70 Kb)
Intelligent Item Statistic Sheet (ZIP 21Kb) by Wiebe Haanstra
Money Transformer for 3.5E ZIP 4 Kb
Monster Creation Sheet by Matthew McWilliams ZIP 176Kb
PC name generator by Geir (ZIP 111 Kb)
Periodic Table of Elementals by Dane Farris
Player Inventory Sheet (ZIP 295 Kb)
Coin and Gem generator / dice roller in Excel by Roger Sorensen (ZIP 13 Kb)
Rumor Generator by Alexander Harms
Spell Statistics (ZIP 1 Mb)
Stronghold Builder (ZIP 16 Kb) by Mario
Tracking Sheet (ZIP 138Kb)
Trade Goods (alchemy, items, goods, ZIP 472 Kb) by Mandy Williams
Treasury Database (ZIP 61Kb "mdb" file) by James Thomas
Weapons and Armor from many books (ZIP 335 Kb)


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