Trevok Broketooth was an orc shaman of great renown. He was born in a small orc tribe in the rugged wilderness, and from an early age, he showed an innate connection to the spirits of the earth and sky.

Despite the skepticism of his tribe, Trevok was determined to become a shaman. He spent many long years studying the ancient rituals and learning the ways of the spirits. He communed with the creatures of the wilderness, learning their secrets and gaining their trust.

Finally, Trevok’s hard work paid off. He became a powerful shaman, capable of harnessing the power of the elements to heal the sick, protect his tribe, and wage war against their enemies.

Trevok quickly became one of the most respected members of his tribe, and his name was known throughout the orc nations. He was a fierce warrior, a wise counselor, and a trusted ally to those who sought his help.

Despite his power and influence, Trevok was a humble orc. He never sought power or glory for himself, but instead used his abilities to help his tribe and protect the land he loved.

As Trevok grew older, he began to sense a growing darkness in the world. A powerful evil was rising, threatening to destroy everything that he held dear. Trevok knew that he had to take action to stop this evil, and so he set out on a quest to find a way to defeat it.

Trevok’s journey took him far and wide, through rugged mountains and scorching deserts, through treacherous forests and across stormy seas. He faced many dangers along the way, but he was never deterred. He communed with the spirits, seeking their guidance and wisdom, and finally, he discovered the key to defeating the evil that threatened the land.

Trevok returned to his tribe, and with the power of the spirits behind him, he led his people into battle against the forces of darkness. The battle was fierce, but in the end, Trevok and his tribe emerged victorious.

Trevok’s Blade of Rust is a +2 longsword that turns any non-magic metal item the blade comes in contact with into a worthless pile of rust or tarnish within one round of contact if the item fails a save. This includes equipment of the owner of the sword, so care must be taken when packing the sword.

The sword has a bone hilt with a leather wrapped around for grip, but the blade its self is composed entirely of rusted iron with a pattern of discolored rust spelling the orc words for “Destroyed destroys More”. The sword was created by the powerful Orc Shaman Trevok Broketooth to be used by his chieften Edth Fourclaw. The sword was lost fter Edth’s death on his final raid.

The save for the item is affected by the material as follows:

Save DC:
Iron: 19
Copper: 18
Bronze: 17
Steel: 14
Tin: 9
Aluminum: 6
Mithril: 3
Lead: 9
Silver: 5
Gold: 4
Platinum: 2

Any metals forged by dwarves get a +2 to the save.
Any metals forged by orcs or goblins get a -1 to the save.