Trevok’s Blade of Rust is a +2 longsword that turns any non-magic metal item the blade comes in contact with into a worthless pile of rust or tarnish within one round of contact if the item fails a save. This includes equipment of the owner of the sword, so care must be taken when packing the sword.

The sword has a bone hilt with a leather wrapped around for grip, but the blade its self is composed entirely of rusted iron with a pattern of discolored rust spelling the orc words for “Destroyed destroys More”. The sword was created by the powerful Orc Shaman Trevok Broketooth to be used by his chieften Edth Fourclaw. The sword was lost fter Edth’s death on his final raid.

The save for the item is affected by the material as follows:

Save DC:
Iron: 19
Copper: 18
Bronze: 17
Steel: 14
Tin: 9
Aluminum: 6
Mithril: 3
Lead: 9
Silver: 5
Gold: 4
Platinum: 2

Any metals forged by dwarves get a +2 to the save.
Any metals forged by orcs or goblins get a -1 to the save.