The staff is made from the wood of a dead tree touched and brought down by the evil goddess Talona (or other appropriate god). The chaotic evil staff is carved with various indecipherable hideous runes that only a high level mage or cleric could know of (20 or more level).

Abilities: The staff emanates empathic evil to any that touch it, generating a faint feeling of malice and unease. Only clerics and druids may use the staff. The demon staff is bestowed by a major demon upon one if its most favored followers. It allows the wielder a direct connection with the demon planes so as to summon a demon servant. Once per day the user of the staff can summon a demon. The summon action takes one full round and requires the user to chant a demonic invocation. They type of demon summoned varies and will generally be a Succubus, Bilbelith, Retriever, Vrock, or other as deemed appropriate by the patron demon (DM’s discretion). The demon appears at the start of the next round and obeys the user completely. The demon will vanish after 1 hour or when destroyed. The summoned demon will not be able to use its own summon demon ability and the staff user is not immune to the demon’s spell like abilities. The staff does not require charges but rather has a more horrible cost of use. The complete evil nature of the staff will not be revealed by an identify spell, but require a casting of legend lore or similar.

The staff can only be used safely by chaotic evil characters that worship the patron demon associated with the staff. Whenever the staff is used the patron demon becomes personally aware of the user and their location. If a non-follower of the patron demon uses the staff they are subjected to the ill will of the patron demon, which causes damaging side effects that increase with each use, at the DM’s discretion. The side effects can take any form, and may follow the general progression detailed below, or may be more or less severe depending on the mood of the patron demon.

* Staff heats up and smokes, causing 1 point of fire damage.
* Staff burst into flames 2d6 fire damage to the holder, no save.
* Staff burst into flames causing 6d6 fire damage to everyone within 5 feet, no save.
* Flame strike (as per spell at 12th level) centered on the staff user, coming from below.
* A lesser demon (such as those summoned by the staff) arrives through a portal and attacks the staff user. It vanishes when destroyed or when the staff is retrieved.
* A major demon (Pit Fiend, etc.) arrives through a portal and attacks the staff user. It vanishes when the destroyed or when the staff is retrieved.
* The staff user permanently changes alignment to chaotic evil and becomes a worshipper of the patron demon. This results in a loss of one full level of experience.
* Something else really bad.
Creation: The market price and rules for creating this abomination are only known by the foul demon lords of the abyss.