Upon arriving in Landover the players meet with Charilus. He listens to their tale of the adventure in Laribus and the ambush outside of town with an impatient attitude. Elan chides him for his callous attitude. He responds with exasperation stating “How can I be concerned since you obviously survived and made it here intact! BAH!”

With that taken care of, to Charilus’s satisfaction only, the wizard wishes to see the books the party has brought back. He eagerly begins to catalog and sort them. After a bit he stops to explain that “This may take a few hours or perhaps a day or two”. The players expenses at the local inn will be taken care of by Charilus. During this lull any romantic plots concerning Elan or any other NPC/PC might be moved forward.

Eventually Charilus will excitedly call the party together. He has pieced together part of the lost journal of Edmund Vargas. Vargas once owned one or more of the Masks it seems but became somewhat fearful of something concerning them. He bought passage on a ship to dispose of the mask or masks, unfortunately the journal is incomplete. It seems perhaps that Vargas may have destroyed the parts that state the actual location of the masks.

Charilus tells the party that while we do not know Vargas’s final destination we do know where he stopped during his journey. He supposedly sailed to the port city of Land’s Edge in neighboring country. There he visited a cartographer (map maker). This happened only 65 years ago, perhaps the map maker kept records or he is still alive. Either way, this lead must be checked out.

Also, it has become obvious that others are seeking the masks and know of Charilus’s involvement, with all these ambushes and such.

“So therefore, We will move my myself and my goods to the city of Harken, then you shall book passage to Land’s Edge.”

So the characters along with Omar are put to work packing the goods the mage deems necessary to set himself up in Harken. After another 2 days of this a wagon is bought and the trip to Harken is begun. The players will have Elan, Omar, and Charilus with them so any side encounters involving combat would be unadvised for the GM. But this side adventure might be appropriate. Make note however that Charilus is disinclined to help others or be bothered with doing anything he does not want to do.