Any of the loyalty axes are instantly recognizable to the dwarves of Nogdakhan, and confer a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls, and to saves, for any such dwarf within visual range of the axe. The waraxes were commissioned by King Hagaran and dispensed as signs of royal favor. Typically they were not given freely, but rather endowed as part of a royal office, and then reassigned later as warranted. However, in the last 300 years they have been lost to raids and incursions. They hold sentimental value to the King, as well as their immense historical value and their utility as weapons. In addition to its magical abilities, each axe confers a specific feudal right to the holder. These rights are enshrined in law and cannot be overruled without a full conclave of the nobles of Nogdakhan.

Abilities: There are 5 of these dwarven waraxes, created in a set 900 years ago in the Dwarven Kingdom of Nogdakhan. Each functions as a dwarven waraxe +3. In addition, each axe is heavily inlaid with precious stones, and inscribed with historic runes.

* Waraxe of Loyalty – Commerce: The holder of this waraxe is allowed to set up one business that is free from all taxes and customs duties within Nogdakhan.

* Waraxe of Loyalty – Mining: The holder of this waraxe is allowed to set up one new mine that is free from all taxes, customs duties, and regulations within Nogdakhan.

* Waraxe of Loyalty – Sovereignty: The holder of this waraxe is endowed with a feudal holding within Nogdakhan chosen by the King. He enjoys all the usual priveledges of a noble of the Kingdom, but also all the duties as well. He can levy taxes, establish and maintain his court and defensive fortifications, and create knights. However, he also has to guard and maintain the royal roads, defend his vassals from all enemies, pay monetary and service taxes, and contribute warriors to the King when called upon. This holding is not hereditary, but passes to whichever heir receives the Waraxe as a bequest.

* Waraxe of Loyalty – Royal Protection: The holder of this waraxe is granted a party of 20 dwarven defenders (levels at the DM’s discretion) from the royal guard, to serve as his bodyguard and shock troops, as long as he is within the borders of Kingdom X or on a mission approved by the King. Otherwise, he only receives 6 dwarven defenders. The party of dwarven defenders comes appropriately equipped with armor, weapons, and magical items. They also carry 30 days of travel rations and sufficient funds for 6 months of lodging and normal travel expenses; any upkeep beyond that is the responsibility of the holder of the Waraxe.

* Waraxe of Loyalty – Blessing: The holder of this waraxe is permitted to receive any healing or blessing services at any official royal church, without charge, for himself and up to 10 others. If any one individual were to acquire a partial or full set of these waraxes, he could set himself up as a very powerful member of the noble and mercantile classes of Nogdakhan, and would most certainly be involved in the internal politics of the kingdom.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, bless; Market Price: 52,000 gp (each) Note: the market price is higher than would be calculated by the magic item price rules in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, due to the lavish gemstones and engraving and due to the non-magical feudal rights that are associated with the weapons.