Welcome to The Champions of Darkness campaign for Dungeons and Dragons. This is a set of adventures that is designed to be dropped into any DM’s campaign with little or no effort of restructuring. This campaign comes complete with NPC’s, subplots, new magic items, and monsters to delight and confound your players. This campaign is usable by beginning DM’s as well as veterans who already know how to steal good ideas. This campaign is designed for 7th level characters but may be adjusted for higher levels or larger groups with some work.

The campaign itself is one of deception and complex evil that stems greater than the obvious foes the players will encounter. Besides combat skills players must discover the hidden goals behind the their employer, an evil wizard, and the secret of The Agathox. If the players are not of the thinking type they could unwittingly bring about a new dark age for the greatest evil of all.

This campaign is fashioned very dynamically with players not needing to take a particular path to complete it. At various times events will occur based on the previous actions of the players or villains. They might, or might, not be aware of their involvement. Also added side adventures should be encorporated to add flavor to the campaign. Some might be an exchange of deeds for information, or simply an act of goodness to help those in need.

As a DM you should play each of the villains in respect for their personalities and goals. Attempt to see things from their point of view and adjust accordingly. All of the villains are evil, but their degree of evil varies as do their goals. Some do not even consider themselves evil nor act it so obviously evil. Enjoy playing them and challengins the players.

Enjoy the campaign and have fun.