This orb belonged to a peaceful group of natives outside the borders of the known lands. These natives are known as The Kwakosal. The orb was built by the priests and minor god, Osi, of the Kwakosal. The orb is used to foretell the future of general events. Osi empowered the orb with a portion of his wisdom. He dreamt to his priests the responsibility of the orb’s use. Since the divination of the future consumes a great deal of powerful magic, Osi placed a cost to use it. To teach responsibility to his worshipers any use of the orb will age the any living being the time of fortune that is read. The Kwakosal priests understood the gift they received and only used to orb to forecast for harvest and coming invaders. New priests would show their devotion to the community by giving part of their life to forecast with the orb. Its use was spread amongst all the priests to reduce its bad effect. This brought an understanding and respect for its power. The loss of a small amount of life brought prosperity to the whole.

Explorers from the civilized world of men eventually found the Kwakosal and began trade. The Kwakosal did their best to keep the secret of the orb from the outsiders but eventually its power was discovered by an young imaginative rogue. The secret was shared with others, for a cost, in the far away lands. Some came for its use, some to steal, some to worship. The Kwakosal priests prevented any theft, use, or viewing of the orb. They knew that misuse of the orb would cause ruin.

Eventually the legend of the orb found itself in the wrong hands. A self serving and powerful group of adventurers visited the Kwakosal to negotiate for the orb’s use and possible sale. They offered gold, jewels, magic, and everything a culture could possibly want to make themselves wealthy. All offers were refused. The priests sensed the group’s greed and used the orb to determine the adventurers true intentions. The priests discovered the group would kill to acquire the item. The priests acted first and attacked the adventurers in an attempt to capture them. Their power was too great and the adventurers killed the priests, destroyed the civilization, and stole the orb.

Upon their return the group’s arch-mage decided the first use of the orb. She would predict the future of the known lands, hundreds of years from now. She wished to determine its foretelling range. Unfortunately for the adventurers the Kwakosal priests never told them of the orbs proper use This single use drained the life of all those around the orb. Only an apprentice to the arch-mage survived the ordeal. He was only aged 87 years, all the others were lifeless husks. The apprentice was so old he could barely walk. He managed to leave the group’s compound to get away from the orb as far as he could. He kept a personal log of the events and his journeys. Eventually he died 1 year later, but his log was found.

After the orbs final use Osi discovered that the user was not of his order. His fury was brought down upon the thieves and their compound destroyed by an apparent natural occurrence. Osi’s power waned with no worshipers and he is now only a thought in those that remember him. The power of the orb still exists as it draws upon life and not Osi for its use.

Abilities: The orb allows the user to foretell the future accurately for up to 999 years ahead. The age of the user will advanced an amount of time equal to the years fortold.When the years are foretold farther than the live of the user the orb will consume the life from the next closest living being until it accumulates enough power to work.

The orb will not consume the life of plants and can’t consume the negative life force of undead. The orb is a perfect sphere of pure emerald. Its casing is made of gold as is its 3″ stand. This device is unique and can’t be created.