Vanquishing the invaders was no easy task for the groups of humanoids called “The Torent”. Fighting for years with a forest of elves to the west and a sky high mountain of dwarves to the east brought much death and destruction to the inhabitants of the wastelands between the two adversaries. Only their combined arms, a brilliant leader, and superior breeding capabilities between all the humanoids could bring an end to their enemies. Of course, just bringing together different types of humanoids is a task for a great leader, and his name is Tal “Skull” Giraant. He was this orcish warrior and general that dealt the final blow to those he called enemies of all humanoids.

After his 100th kill of an elf and 100th kill of a dwarf he took their heads and held them high for all his army to see after an important battle in their struggle for freedom. “Each being has their own weakness. The elves are frail and the dwarves stubborn. We will use their weakness upon them to our advantage”. There was an uneasy silence within the army and Skull sighed. “We will kill them all” he yelled and drank from his foe’s skulls. The army went into a fanatical frenzy and cheered. “Now they understood what I meant” Skull thought.

With the skulls of his 100th opponents he requisitioned a weapon made to remind those that followed him of their victories and to give them strength. The orchish witchdoctors and kobold wizards worked feverishly creating the hammer known simply as Crunch. A simple name for the simple troops that followed Skull. They were stupid but loyal and brave.

With one head made from the metal plated skull of an elf and one head made from the head of a dwarf it stood for all that orcs accomplished and who they hated the most. It raised moral when Skull wielded it in battle and made orcs almost fearless.

As a final defensive act the elves and dwarves sent in their most cunning of thieves to assassinate Skull and steal the one item that gave the orcs courage in an effort to thwart their advance and gain time to gather fresh troops. They suceeded in gaining the hammer but not killing the hero. Their theft unfortunately backfired and only enraged the orcs more. Upon their final defeat the orcs spared no life and gave no mercy. Only a handful of each elf and dwarf alike survived and fled their homes. With them they took the prize of the orcs and buried it where no orc would go.

While the orcs settled into their new territory Skull gave up his throne to search for his beloved weapon. Till this day his quest continues. Some rumors have Crunch entwined around the tallest of trees in the deepest of forests. Other rumors have it buried in the deepest mines that only dwarves can reach.

Abilities: +1 Warhammer, + 3 vs elves and dwarves. All humanoids within 50′ of the weapon’s view gain +4 to moral. Damage 1d8/1d10, Size Large. Indestructible as long as Grummish watches over the warhammer.

Grummish himself protects the weapon from destruction and has taken a personal liking to its appearance. Only after 100 orcs die by its hand will Grummish be disgusted and turn his eye away from the weapon allowing its destruction. if Grummish catches an elf or dwarf wielding the weapon he will pronouce a terrible curse upon them till the weapon is destroyed.