The Bow of the Hunter was originally requisitioned for a warrior named Brustak. Brustak excelled with the sword but was a poor shot with the bow. Many times he competed in tournaments but would never place 1st do to the large number of events.

Brustak started using the bow in the tournaments he entered, illegally of course, and he started winning. Well after the 5th straight tournament victory the wizard judges started getting suspicious. He was caught and stripped of all his previous trophies for 1st place.

Mysteriously Brustak’s bow was stolen the next night while the cheating warrior drowned his sorrows in ale.

Abilities: +2 longbow. You may “charge” (noch the arrow and and hold the pull) for an amount of rounds less than or equal its enhancement bonus. At the end of charging, you add +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage equal to amount of rounds charged up.