At this point the players should have have retrieved The Mask of Conjuration from The Undersea Temple either negotiating with the sahuagin or taking it by force. They will be attempting to return to “The Merry Ann” (Chapter 4d) when they get a surprise.

While they have been under playing with the sahuagin their ship has been captured by the Dreaded pirate queen Black Lily. The players have no real choice here. They are likely wounded, low on water breathing potions, and have no other boat to go to. They will likely try to sneak on board but the crew are aware that they are below somewhere and are waiting for them to reappear. Invisibility will get them on but there are too many pirates to fight and as soon as the alarm starts spreading Black Lily will show up and threaten to kill the Merry Ann’s crew if the players do not surrender.

Remember also that the players are down on spells and cannot recover spells or regain hit points by treading water. Some of their equipment may also be on board, so capture is inevitable at this point.

After that has been dealt with, the players will be disarmed and thoroughly searched, very thoroughly once the necromancer gets involved. While this is happening the necromancer Scathe will come from below decks. He will immediately check the character’s goods for magic items. He will demand to know what the masks are as soon as they are found. If the players are not likely to cooperate, he seems annoyed then relents saying “Fine, fine when the living will not cooperate, the dead always tell their secrets.”

The party will notice that even the pirates are nervous of the necromancer. If any party members died during the temple raid or perhaps from the encounters before, Scathe will have their bodies taken to his quarters. Their he will later perform his Soul Bind spell on them making them into undead slaves that are totally obedient to his will. The players will not see Scathe for several days since he may be Soul-Binding their compatriots and he is trying to identify their magical items.

In the meantime Lily will have the players thrown into the hold with the surviving crew members of the Merry Ann. Only Captain Pectas and 10 other crewmen survived the capture. Pectas mourns their fate since Black Lily is known to take no prisoners.

If one of the players held himself with considerable bearing or perhaps showed himself to be a paladin or someone of a strict honor code, Lily will consider keeping him out of the hold. He must swear by his god or oath of honor not to interfere with her or her crew and he may stay out. She informs him that if he breaks his word…his companions will pay the price.


1. Ballista: These 2 areas contain a light ballista each.

2. Foremast: This is the most forward mast on the ship.


3.Mizzenmast: The rearmost mast for the ship.

4. Catapult: A light catapult is mounted here.

5. Captain’s Station: This is the spot the captain usually stands.

Main Deck

6. Rope, Line, and Anchor Storage: A small cabin is here containing rope, lines, and an anchor.

7. Forward Stateroom (First Mate’s cabin): This is the quarters for the ship’s first mate Gunthar. Gunthar’s quarters are filthy, with soiled clothing and partially eaten food strewn about the place. His footlocker is located under his bed. He keeps it locked with the key in his pocket, it contains 42gp., 85 sp. and a pearl (100 gp.value).

8. Zynthar’s Cabin (captain’s cabin): This cabin belongs to Black Lily. It is decorated with tapestries and rugs from many different cultures. Lily adds to the rooms decor with the stolen cargoes of plundered vessels. Nearly every surface is covered with tapestries,rugs,or curtains. On a large table there are several different types of silverware, valuable goblets, and golden candlesticks.

All together the value of the items in this room equal 1500gp. The bed here is a huge and ungainly, it must have been taken apart and rebuilt in the room. It is covered in various silken sheets, pillows, and furs. Underneath it lies Lilly’s strongbox containing 500 gp. and a wooden statuette carved to resemble her. It was given to her by an amorous ex-lover who had it made by a master craftsmen (value is 45 gp. unless the buyer knows the identity of the figure then perhaps 300 gp. might be gained).

9. Kuyang’s Cabin (quartermaster’s cabin): This room is the abode of the ship’s quartermaster Kuyang. He is entrusted with the ship’s goods, records, and loot shares. His room is sparse, containing a bed, footlocker (with clothing and 250 gp.), and a desk. The desk contains writing implements and Kuyang’s records.

10. Spelljammer Helm (quartermaster’s hold): This room has a very sturdy door and is always locked.(Kuyang holds the only key). This room contains weapons such as crossbows swords, and polearms. It also contains 8 suits of chainmail armor. Also the ships stores of alcohol and lantern oil are contained here. Any loot not yet divided will be put here till divided up or sold. Gold will also be stored in here.

11. Chart room: This room contains a table with many different sea charts spread out over its surface. Also a compass card lies on the table.

12. Galley: This is the area where the cook prepares the food for the crew. It has a large stove over some rocks that rest over a layer of iron. The area also contains several knives, a large pile of potatoes, and a sack of limes.

13. Storage/Hold: This area is used to hold galley supplies and food.

14. Cargo Doors: These doors lead to the cargo area below.

Cargo Deck

15. Human Slave Quarters (crewquarters #1): These quarters hold the bunks and foot lockers of 15 crew members.

16. Human Slave Quarters (crew quarters #2): These quarters hold bunks and lockers for another 15 crew members.

17. Cargo Doors: Currently empty.

18. Companionway: Nothing special here.

19. Human Slave Quarters (crew quarters #3): These quarters hold the bunks and lockers for another 15 crew members.

20. Umberhulk Quarters (crew quarters #4): These quarters hold the bunks and lockers for another 15 crew members.

21. Neogi Quarters (Bosun’s quarters): These unremarkable quarters belong to the ship’s bosun (a bosun is the direct supervisor of the ships crew).

22. Neogi Quarters (Scathe’s Quarters): These are the quarters of the necromancer Scathe. The room contains a half erected alchemy lab, along with an extra table for working on corpses. Several large trunks near the bed contain the apparatus used in the lab. One of the trunks contains Scathe’s spell books (which are fire trapped). He keeps his Soul gem hidden, it is hidden behind a wall hanging that depicts a man drowning at sea. A detect magic spell will locate it immediately. He also has a large strongbox he keeps on the table. It has no lock but is locked magically with a wizard lock spell, it contains 1800 gp. and his notes concerning an unknown item of necromantic power and the Isle of Vigilance.

Steerage Deck

23. Cargo Hold: This area is where captured goods are kept

24. Pantry (livestock): This smelly area currently holds 8 pigs that are used for food by the pirates. It is considered punishment duty to clean this area.

25. Brig: Area for prisoners, the crew of the Merry Ann will be kept here. The conditions are crowded and will quickly become filthy. Note: If a player is romantically involved with Lily, she might allow prisoners to stay in the cargo hold instead. She would have to be convinced of this however.