Chameleon Skin
By Robert Lutein
 School  Alt. (Animal)

This spell causes the targets skin to blend into the surroundings. It takes a full action to blend into the surrounding. +2 to all hide checks per level
of caster. A maximum of +20 is given for the spell.

Origin: The ranger, Aiden, was known throughout the land for his uncanny ability to blend into his surroundings, making him nearly invisible to those around him.

Aiden’s secret was a spell called Chameleon Skin, which he had learned from an ancient scroll passed down through his family for generations. The spell allowed him to become one with his environment, making him nearly impossible to detect.

The Chameleon Skin spell worked by altering the color and texture of Aiden’s skin, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any background. When Aiden cast the spell, his skin and attire would take on the hues and patterns of the objects around him, making him nearly invisible.

But the spell, initially, was not without its limitations. Aiden could only maintain the Chameleon Skin spell for a limited amount of time, and he had to remain perfectly still while using it. Any movement or sound would disrupt the spell, causing Aiden to revert to his natural form.

Despite these limitations, Aiden found the Chameleon Skin spell to be an invaluable tool in his work as a ranger. He used it to spy on enemies, sneak up on unsuspecting prey, and even evade danger when he found himself in perilous situations. Over time, he improved upon the spell to allow for movement and increased duration.

But Aiden’s mastery of the Chameleon Skin spell did not go unnoticed. His enemies soon became aware of his ability and sought to learn it and find ways to counter it.

Undeterred, Aiden continued to use the Chameleon Skin spell, adapting and evolving his techniques to stay one step ahead of his foes. He learned to blend in with a wider range of environments, using the spell to become one with trees, rocks, and even the sky itself. Today, it has now become a well-known and useful spell for rangers and druids throughout the realms.

 Level  3 Drd, Rgr
 Components  V,S
 Range  touch
 Target  1 person
 Duration  1m / lvl
 Save  No
 Resistance  No