Soul Leech is the creation of the Necromancer Scathe. It is a 12″ dagger forged of a dark metal with a handle carved from the spike of a manticore.

Abilities: +2 dagger with a vampiric ability. This evil creation is designed to suck the life from the living and transfer it to the wielder. Whenever the dagger damages an opponent it transfers 1 hit point to the wielder. If a creature is slain with the dagger the wielder gets 6 hit points from devouring the creatures life force. Creatures slain in this fashion do not need preperation to be used in the consciousness skip spell. Transfered hit points fade away at the rate of 1 per turn as the dagger feeds off the life essence.

Note: It will not drain an undead creature or anything from the negative material plane. Anyone protected by the spell Negative plane Protection is unharmed by the drianing ability of the dagger.