An ornate gold and mithiril bastard sword. The hilt is wide and has a circular emblem in the center. The emblem depicts a strange rune. The pommel of the sword has a large curved fire opal put into it. The blade of the sword is competely bare of ornamentaion but appears to vary in color between gold and silver. When wielded it functions as a shortsword or as a bastardsword, whichever the user is proficient in.

The first documented appearance of this sword is in The Calming, the time when the gods themselves descended into the world and calmed the lands. They sent the demons that ravaged the lands into the lower planes of hell, thus beginning the history of the mortals.

The sword was wielded by Sariel. Sariel was a solar in the highest chorus until he decided that it was his time to lead and revolted during The Calming. He was banished by the gods to a place more wretched then hell some say.

The first event in the history after The Calming was when a warrior named Levi found the sword amoungst the ruins of an ancient city where the Sariel fell. He used it in the epic war that joined his lands. He won many of the battles by it’s edge almost dying many times. He often took to many risks in battle and that worried many of his generals.

Levi was killed when he confronted a horde of giants in one of his county’s final battles to liberate their lands. He confronted them alone with his sword and died. The battle was still won and the lands restored but a new king was chosen.

The sword was rumored to be cursed after this incident and buried with Levi. Looters retrieved the sword many years later from Levi’s tomb and it has not been seen ever since.

Daylight 5/day
Locate Gate 1/day

Damage: 1d8 + 1d6 (fire) + 3 (enchantment)
Critical: 19-20 x2
Type: Slashing
Weight: 2 lbs

Curse: After one week of possessing the blade, the owner becomes overly selfish about the sword. After the owner becomes obsessed with the blade it begins suggesting to the weilder to take irrational risks in combat. Also whenever the owner tries to draw a weapon, the owner will instinctivly draw the Morning Star (the owner can not draw any other weapon). The owner will never willingly hand over the Morning Star and will do anything within their power to get it back. The owner can only remove the sword from his possession if a spell of Remove Curse is cast by a 10th level or higher spell caster. The curse can be purged from the sword if it is brought to the forge which created it.