The players have just witnessed the seeming death of Charilus and an unknown glowing figure who came for the masks. The players should be somewhat at a loss at this moment.

The glowing figure is gone but no clues remain as to what or who it was. They are left with a map to the tomb of a Teng wizard, and should probably leave since the noise the explosion created will bring the city watch, who may not believe their explanations.

Regardless of what actions they immediately take, the party should eventually decide to leave for the tomb. The map shows that they have a long journey, at least 2 months, over the Goblin’s Hold Mountains to the east.

Note:If the players ask about the name tell them that the area is infamous for the huge number of goblin tribes that live in the mountains.

Buying enough provisions and warm clothes for the trip will be no problem. The price for any shovels or tents will be 50% higher since the mercenary expedition has bought up a great number of them already.

Before they leave town one last incident will occur. At the city gates the guard will stop the players and insist on searching them and their packs. The guards will not tell them why initially but if the players cooperate then it will be revealed that they have received a tip of some sort that the players were thieves who had stolen a valuable statuette (looks like a silver elephant). The players will be somewhat confused and rightly so.

The guards have been misled and a search will turn up no elephant statuette. The guards will apologize and let the players go on their way. However one of the guards is in the service of the thief Blackthorn. He will put a small broach made of ivory (10 gp. value) in the pack of one of the players. This is an amulet of inescapable location. Blackthorn will use this item to keep track of the players location. If they discover the amulet they may keep it since it radiates magic. If they try to get rid of it however they will discover the item is cursed to return daily unless a remove curse is placed upon it.