The party makes its way back to Jewel, little Jenny and Daniel in tow. They are wet, damaged, half drowned, covered in mud but they have accomplished their mission. As they drag themselves back into the “Jeweled Goblet” they will be nearly overcome with weariness but Oscar, his family, and many of the locals have anxiously awaited their return. The innkeeper is of course overjoyed and embarrassingly thanks the party at length for saving his children. He even thanks the goblins if they survived.

He pays out any reward he has offered, he doesn’t have much to give but gives it willingly and arranges for fresh clothing for the party. He fusses over them for as long as needed before sending them up to bed. In the morning he thanks his saviors all over again. Fawning over them till they leave town. He will of course allow them to pay or want for nothing.

Their clothes will be cleaned and hot baths drawn at their slightest urge. Little Jenny will present one of the PC’s, whichever male helped to calm her the most, with a leather charm (an simple leather cord necklace with a sun emblem on it) her mother made for her. She tells the PC that it will bring him good luck any time the sun shines on it. It doesn’t do anything of course, unless you decide it does.

After a few days the rain lets up and the characters can continue their journey. No one in town can really help them but Oscar mentions that a clan of dwarves supposedly reside somewhere in the mountains and perhaps they will help.