Combat made easy (ZIP 82 Kb) by Paul Barker

DM’s Combat Sheet (ZIP 49 Kb) in Excel

Example of the Combat Made Easy Chart – Grapple section:


No threatened sq
No move unless opposed check
No dex bonus vs not in grapple
Auto fail if 2 size categories larger
Move in
Att of opp Success = no grapple (unless
Touc att
Fail = No grapple
Opposed check @Base att + Str + Size mod
(free action)
Fail = No grapple
Success = damage as unarmed strike
Tie = bigger mod wins
Maintain after first round
Auto into space
Start again if grapple broken by victim
If successful grapple you can
Activate magic item
1 Light or lower only
-4 to att
Cast spell
no more than 1 standard action
No somantic
No complex move
Concentration check DC= 20 + level
Damage victim
Grapple check for unarmed strike
Draw up to light weapon
Another opposed grapple check
1 check vs each opponent fail 1 fail all
Success= move to adjacent space
Opposed grapple Vs all individually
½ speed
+4 if victim pinned
Get spell component = Full round action
Opposed check
¨ Success =
Hold motionless 1
-4 AC
No speak unless
Break pin
Escape artist opposed by grapple out of pin
or out of grapple
Use others weapon
Light weapon held bu victim
Opposed grapple
¨ Success =Attack @ -4
Multiple attackers
Auto grab if existing grapple
Max 4 per victim
1 size smaller count as ½
1 size bigger count 2x
Escape must beat all attackers